Bride Wanted Agency #EPICFAIL

Bride Wanted Agency

Just another sponsored ad on Facebook..

Like a good looking, educated woman would be interested in a man who places ads for brides on Facebook.  #EPICFAIL.

Thanks for this C!



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6 responses to “Bride Wanted Agency #EPICFAIL

  1. WTF…Have you ever seen those ads in the free newspapers like “Al wassit”?
    You usually have more conditions like the religion, the eyes’ color…LOL

  2. Caroline

    LOL… Thanks for posting it Dani! This is too funny!

  3. Loooooo! Would love to reply and see what he says!!!! 🙂

  4. Asquared

    hahahahaha omg ! desperate much ? The sad part is that there are a lot of desperate women out there who are going to respond the ad 😦

  5. His mum probably took the ad out for him. 🙂

  6. LOOOOL I bet he’s proud of himself telling all his “friends” about this too 😛 Shame…the world loses another potential real man…

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