Last night’s #IndianatIndia tweetup, in photos!

And so they came..around 30 Lebanese tweeps..eager to eat some Indian food (and some for the very first time!)

India Restaurant Markazia Monroe Suites

Before the arrival of the Tweeps

India Restaurant Markazia Monroe Suits Beirut

Table 1 of Tweeps arrive..

India Restaurant at Markazia Monroe Suites Beirut

Table 2 of Tweeps arrive..

India Restaurant at Markazia Monroe Suites Beirut

@coo1pink and @technodejohnny check out the menu..thinking "hmmm I'd rather be in the Maldives right now, getting a spa treatment or something.."

India Restaurant at Markazia Monroe Suites Beirut

The food starts to come..Just a small taste of what we had...this is heaven ppl..this is heaven.. The butter chicken, in my opinion was the BOMB.

India Restaurant at Markazia Monroe Suites Beirut

@sareen_ak and was Sareen's first time trying Indian! Her verdict? She likes tandoori chicken..but finds the chicken tikka masala too spicy. "My lips are on fire," she says. "Embrace it,,it makes your lips look plump," I say.. lol. Sareen then proceeds to spill her Lassi. haha

India Restaurant Markazia Monroe Suites Beirut

@iamvig and @funkyozzi 😀 chowing down.. @funkyozzi doesn't like to be photographed while she eats orange rice. But that didn't stop me.

India Restaurant at Markazia Monroe Suites Beirut

@arabear and @chefnoor..@arabear was probably tweeting..@chefnoor..smiling but was probably thinking.."Where is my food?!?! I'm huuuuungry"

India Restaurant at Markazia Monroe Suites Beirut

@mhijazi and @ginoraidy chatting..The conversation probably went something like this "Am I going to smell like Indian food for the next two days?" -@mhijazi.. "Who knows man..I don't even like Indian food!" -@ginoraidy

India Restaurant at Markazia Monroe Suites

Crowd shot! With @arabear at the head of the table presiding over all of his minions.. 😀

India Restaurant at Markazia Monroe Suites

@sparkileptic was enjoying himself so much that he closed his eyes as he devoured the rich Indian food. Just for the record, he also ate 150 pieces of naan bread..or maybe he was scared of the cute little tyrant that is @natalieharake

India Restaurant at Markazia Monroe Suites

another crowd shot! Everyone thinking "OMG we love Indian food!" At least I hope! ;/

And so they left..with full bellies..and smelling like Indian food (a strong reminder of the great time they had!).

Thank you to everyone who showed up!

@funkyozzi @iamvig @lnlne @sam_lb @mhijazi @ginoraidy @natalieharake (finally!) @sparkileptic @yasminehajjar (thanks for sharing ur butter chicken with me!) @youmny @sareen_ak (and friend, does he have twitter?) @nathdib @sdkaaa @eliebassil @aathapreachaman @alieldali (even tho you made fun of me about not speaking spanish!) @tarekdarwish @jadhamdan @arabear @chefnoor @coo1pink @technodejohnny @abaretruth (what’s maggie’s handle?) @lebanonwine (thanks for the rose wine, it was delicious!) @mjoundi..and who could forget the San Fran crew @O_SANE and @mabounaj

We should do this more often..but as @funkyozzi reprimanded me for throwing too many tweetups..I’ll let her do the next then we’ll do a repeat of the salsa tweetup!

Until next time tweeps., it was fun!



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16 responses to “Last night’s #IndianatIndia tweetup, in photos!

  1. so bummed I couldnt make it…Guess it would’ve been great…
    Until next time Twitterverse!

  2. har har har 😛 nah you do the next one, since the one I am planning needs excellent weather, and that’s not before April or May :/

    Was fun, food was good (small portions though). And orange rice rocked 😛 Thanks for this 🙂

  3. You guys had MY wine?
    Hope u enjoyed it!

  4. @sparkileptic

    15o nan breads? HAHAHAHAHAH someone was clearly watching my every chomp! Great times!

  5. OMG this amazing! It’s so cool how big a response u got and everyone showed up! Hope there will be one when I am in Lebanon, I don’t know ANY of you guys in person 😀

  6. Jad Hamdan

    It was great meeting u all! Thank u again Danielle for organizing! Hope to see y’all soon!
    Why not let the San Fran gang organize the salsa night? :p

  7. Another tweetup I miss!!! What fun! Hope to be there for the second salsa one heheeh 🙂

  8. Johnny

    +1 on the Maldives and Spa comment. 😉

    Come on EVERYBODY, help us win so I can stop harassing you all. 😛

    Like the page, then like the pic:

  9. HAHA! Your comments cracked me up 😀 FYI I spilled my drink coz I ate something so spicy I had to rush to drink some yogurt and guess the rest. I was hoping no one noticed which was why I rushed to cover up any evidence. Apparently someone DID! P.S. my friend does not have twitter and I doubt he ever will lol 😀 (altho he did have lotsa fun)

  10. It was absolutely AMAZING last night. Thanks Dani for an amazing tweet-up. I finally got to meet a bunch of people I only knew on the timeline.

  11. Ali El Dali

    I didn’t make fun! Its just that you SHOULD/MUST speak spanish! :/
    At least @funyozzi does! 😛

    Nice tweetup Dani, thanks!
    As for the spanish, I can teach you some! 😀

  12. Wish I was there but the weather was too bad to come along from Bekaa. But i’ll try to make it next time

  13. Danielle, you should host tweet-ups all the time! It was a very successful event, and it was really great seeing/meeting you all 🙂

  14. A Bare Truth

    maggie’s handle is @abaretruth

  15. Carina

    This might be a stupid question, but how does one go about setting up a tweep-up? 😀
    Where do you get the people from? lol

    This looked like a lot of fun!

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