The Lebanon Blues

What do we think of ImpactBBDO’s latest campaigns to promote Lebanon?

According to ImpactBBDO Beirut,

“For the first time, the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism decided to communicate to the potential tourists and more specifically to the Europeans. The emotional TV ads portrayed a young man in a pub in London and a woman in a café at the heart of Paris, two of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world. Instead of highlighting Lebanese touristic sights, we decided to focus on their feelings once back from their holiday. Since only Lebanon offers the ultimate holiday experience, it generates in them feelings of Lebanon blues.”

Thanks for putting me onto this N.A.  You have a knack for finding the good stuff!



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29 responses to “The Lebanon Blues

  1. I like this campaign very much, because the most important thing that we remember from our holidays are the feelings and how we lived the experience…and what we remember is what we tell to others to let them come to Lebanon…let’s speek frankly…we have a lot of nice sights but in comparison with countries abroad what distinguish us is the feeling you have when you come to Lebanon

  2. Salim

    The idea is nice, the execution not so.
    The overall idea of having someone remembering a good moment has been already used and abused.
    On another note, the acting is not up to par especially in the french and american ones.
    The accents are just overdone and it sounds as if they are reading a text to a class of 7 y.0. that just started to learn a new language!
    I am quote disappointed

  3. I do respect the effort to promote tourism, specially in such times (giving we are now “Lebanon” among the most stable countries in the region) But to actually cross that line with on the ads into by using women bodies as a product and using the country itself as a product to sell! now that is a desperate. Maybe I more angry at the people who allow such ad to associate itself with us as as Lebanese rather than those who made it (since after all, they get paid to do whatever works).

  4. Maysoon

    I’ll cut to the chase:

    Utter Disappointment!
    We finally manage to get rid of the Post Card Campaign, and have the ministry “spend” on communication only to have this!

    Bring back the Post Card Ad iza hek!!! And what is up with the guy’s face? Who is just about to sear his pants???!?? Wallaw!!

  5. Ana Maria

    Damn, this is offensive! How can you tell the British their beer is shit and to the French that their food sucks? BBDO needs some brains for art director! seriously!

  6. I don’t want to be negative in my comments but think the insight and the execution have been a bit mixed up. The insight that people yearn for products and experiences from Lebanon once they return to other countries could be a great way to introduce the ability to order your favourite lebanese products online and have them delivered anywhere in the world. and are two examples and there are single branded outlets doing the same for nuts, bread and other foodstuffs.

    Surely the point of tourism is ultimately to generate more revenue for the host country. Therefore rather than leave you emotionally down at the end of the clip, the viewer should be left feeling that he is energised to return, to spend more, to take some friends with him, to “buy lebanese” wherever possible etc.

    The tourism ministry should really celebrate lebanese expatriates abroad since they are the ones that pump a lot of dollars into the economy when they come back. perhaps something like a reference to the warm welcome that awaits them when they return, or something that says, even though you’re far away we’re still taking care of things for you.

    I feel that, in hierarchical order, those that are the most pampered are gulf tourists, because of the large amount of cash they invest, then lebanese expatriates, then current lebanese residents. im not sure this is the correct way

    alternatively, perhaps the ministry could suggest a bring one (friend to visit lebanon next time you visit) and host another one free?!

  7. I kinda like this new campaign and I can relate to it. Whenever I would come to vacation in Lebanon and go back to the states, I would have the same daydream look on my face until I came back again:) But I’ve come to realize that vacationing in Lebanon is one thing and living here is another lol.

  8. Maysoon

    Alex T,

    Thank you for stating what I am unable to express !!

  9. C.

    This is soo bad.
    The accents sound so fake and the acting SUCKS!!!

  10. It’s a pretty cool idea, although I have to say I’m disappointed with the execution.. Thanks for posting it though Dani 🙂

  11. joyce nahas

    it’s a nice insight but the acting is bad and the execution boring!

  12. Youssef Chaker

    you know what… i like it. maybe it’s the cheesy-ness of it, but i laughed, and then did try to remember all the moments i had there and the food, etc. So why the heck not! 🙂

  13. I think I gotta agree with the general feel here, it’s a bad add, with a bad art director (thank you Ana Maria for pointing that out), yet the idea behind it is not that shabby.
    The first spot was so stupid it made me laugh…and no, I was not offended in my womanly pride…it is what it is, a stupid add….get over yourselves you feminists!

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  15. Youssef Chaker

    Ok, I can not let myself get away with my previous comment. Apparently there are people watching me (you know who you are :P).

    Let me first explain my previous comment. I have been bombarded, for a while now, with ads about visiting California. Yes the bankrupt state is blasting ads for people to visit it, and will even roll 2 ads consecutively on prime time spots. I have seen some Florida ads as well. And to say that they are all LAME is an understatement. Keep in mind, they are professionally done, some even well done and those with acting in them are well acted. But they are LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Good weather this, wineries that, hollywood shmollywood. I have been to California many times, to Los Angeles and San Francisco specifically. And I think I can narrate a better experience and sell it in a more compelling way than what they’ve done in the ads. And I am not a marketer and I hate ‘selling’.

    So, in comparison, the three videos above are HILARIOUS. They are so badly done I couldn’t but laugh. While I was watching the first one, I was waiting for a Lebanese to pop out and make fun of the idiot behind the desk or something that would at least pop out. But all I got was a stupid look. So I watched the other 2 with the mindset that these videos are a joke, and I laughed. The French one gave me some hope for a split second, that maybe she will finally do the gazing look right. Maybe she’ll look out the window, that sigh she gave out first was promising. But then she froze!!!

    I am still thinking it’s a joke, a mistake, a spoof. Something other than a real ad that is actually supposed to air somewhere. I mean really! Do french people order a charcoaled steak? Am I supposed to believe that the flashes at the end, that actually might give someone with epilepsy a seizure, are supposed to convince me to visit Lebanon? Can anyone name, with 100% certainty and without replaying the video and pausing it, what are foods that were shown and supposed to be better than what she was served? I can say there was the sage bread, but that’s because I know about it and recognize the gesture, whereas some might confuse it with a pizza dough. And I can make a wild guess that there was hummus.

    Oh, no wait, the creepy look of the guy standing by the wall without any friends or anyone even remotely interested in him should make crave the Lebanese night life? Are you promising me a good night of creeping and people watching?

    Ok, ok, I got it. We’re supposed to convince the people known for surfing and their reefs that are lightly snow capped mountains are better, and whatever that glimpse of women in bikinis was is worth the, yet another, lean against the white wall while we blind you with our lights?

    I actually had to pull out some glasses after watching these three videos, because my eyes are shocked from that torturous prank the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism decided to pull on us!

  16. Haha I like them!
    The guy in the first one looks a little creepy. And I’m pretty sure I know they guy in the second one :p

    I think they’re great though!

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  18. Robin

    Who’s the ad agency behind this?

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  20. Nala Nasr

    I honestly love the campaign. I actually live in Beirut, and I get the blues everytime I leave, even when it’s just for a business trip. Way to go BBDO for capturing the essence of the Lebanese blues!

    • Antony Z

      Amazing Advertisements by BBDO, really like the old arabic music and the flashbacks that they displayed :). Lebanon all the way!

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  24. Leyla

    Dear Danielle
    We’re happy to inform you that your blog is featured in our latest issue of Communicate Levant, now available on the market.
    Check it out and keep up the good work.

  25. Dusan, Serbia

    does anybody know the song of the last 10 sec?

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