‘This is Beirut’ turns 1!

My baby, ‘This is Beirut,’ turned 1 today!


This blog is 1 year old!

And to celebrate, I have here reposted my first ever blog post:

For two months now, I have been living in a country whose name is synonymous with war, yet I myself, have never been more at peace.  A country where people speak three different languages (Arabic, French, and English) in one sentence, where family values still exist, and where eating is not something you do – it’s a way of life.  A country where there are six women for every one man, where little girls ride their bicycles past armed men without a flinch, and where making $1,200 a month is considered a decent living.  A country where you can drive from the beach to the mountains in the space of an hour, where mosques stand right next to churches, and where honking your horn is a national past time.

A country where people who come, never want to leave.

This. Is. Lebanon.

Again,  a big thank you to Lebanon and to the Lebanese people for being such fascinating subjects.  Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible!  Here’s to year 1 of many!!  Cheers! 😀



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28 responses to “‘This is Beirut’ turns 1!

  1. Wow That’s Awesome D 😀 Happy Birthday This is Beirut

  2. What a 1st post nice post! Happy 1st Birthday! 3bal il miye;)

  3. Happy blog-birthday! Hopefully there will be many more to come!

  4. TD

    Congrats!! hopefully many more to come 🙂

  5. “A country where people who come, never want to leave”
    Its such an honor meeting a person like you here (this was one of the biggest surprises to me personally) with the intention of actually staying more than 1 month or a few days for that matter.
    I just love your blog, your ideas, your mind 😀

  6. Thank you, all of you! 😀 You made it possible!

  7. Happy Happy Birthday… and here’s to many more years of your wonderful posts 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday girl! I’ve been reading your blog for almost a year now and witnessed how you’ve tackled sensitive and taboo subjects, along with the LMAO stuff of course 😛 and I’ve enjoyed my visits to your blog!

    Been a wild ride huh?

    Like u said…”Here’s to year 1 of many!” Cheers Dani.

  9. Happy birthday! Tweet me the cake!

  10. marienakhle

    I love the post 😀 mabrouk!

  11. Dar El Akhdar

    Glad to have come across your blog Dani – wouldn’t have become a blogger myself otherwise 🙂 AWESOME first post BTW

  12. Jimmy

    Mabrouk Dani !!! In my opinion the best blog about Lebanon ❤

  13. Congrats !! Lots of love 🙂
    Just to complete your sentence:

    “A country where people who come, never want to leave.
    But those who were born there never want to stay”

    Cheers 🙂

  14. Happy Birthday 🙂 Keep it up!!

  15. Mokhtar

    Congratulations – your blog certainly has come a long way, and you’ve managed to procure quite a solid readership 🙂

  16. 100 % true !!! happy birthday !

  17. Joe's Box


  18. What a great achievement, to have become one of the top blogs in Lebanon on its birthday! Great work, beautiful approach to every topic you tackle. You are an actual phenomenon to be able to survive , still love, and promote Lebanon when its actual citizens at times were unable to! I love to see Beirut through your eyes with all its ups and downs, Cheers to more posts and more years for your beautiful blog!

  19. Happiest Birthday! More and more to come 🙂

  20. Asquared

    I love you danzi poo ! Im so proud of you!

  21. Paulina

    Congratulations on your first year, cheers to the many more to come! Your articles are interesting and entertaining and bring such perspective to the Lebanese blogosphere.. It’s always a pleasure to read you..

  22. Happy belated birthday! Need to check and see when my blogs birthday is now that you brought it up 😀

  23. Jennifer

    Congratulations on your birthday blog. You are doing a great job,and I miss you.But I read about you in your blogs.Keep up the great work.

  24. Simon

    Happy Anniversary!
    I always enjoyed reading your posts and think you’re doing a great job.

    luv ur work 🙂

  25. A Bare Truth

    Danielle, i love your blog
    Can’t wait for b’day #2

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