My first Civil Marriage email blast

Civil Marriage in Cyprus

Just received this baby in my inbox

Flowers? Champagne? Witness?

This is just too easy!

Who wants to get married?!?



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10 responses to “My first Civil Marriage email blast

  1. Fadi

    haha providing witnesses is too funny

  2. Haha, they have that exact same one a billboard on the highway! somewhere near Kaslik

  3. lol Its the full package 😛

  4. $1900 !!! wow! makes you wanna get civil marriage even if u don’t need it! it’s cheaper! WOW!

  5. BTT

    Well why are you so surprised some people see our archaic constitution as a negative these people are looking at the cup as half full and making a profit out of it!

  6. Tarek

    I wish it was that funny… The “witnesses” in question are employees at the minicipality in Cyprus. You get a small token from the city as a reminder you were married there… All of this while we try to combat the sectarian system in lebanon…

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