One Nescafe to go please..

Nescafe Lebanon

Uncle Deek's "cold food hot" Nescafe curb side drive thru off of the Corniche

Apparently Uncle Deek makes the best Nescafe in town..even better than your teta.



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8 responses to “One Nescafe to go please..

  1. this is one of the most infuriating places to drive past, as everybody thinks its their right to park in front of the cafe and be served…never mind that this is a major street and quite congested at certain times of the day.

    ok, I feel better now 😉

  2. I second khalil lol It’s an absolute nightmare!

    But yeah, I heard about the nescafe. Haven’t tried it though.

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  4. In the AUB days, I must’ve wishes this place burned down about a gazillion times. People double (and triple) park in front of it to get their morning coffee, and just drink their coffees in their cars while completely blocking traffic.

    Needless to say in the four years I was at AUB, not once did a police man do anything about the traffic situation there. I actually still have a load of residual anger towards this place even three years after graduating… THAT’s how much of a nightmare it is.

  5. Mok

    Not sure about the Nescafe, but who’s that guy in the photo? He seems intriguing.

  6. this is the traffic of the area down there. THE traffic hub.
    …but the nescafé oh boy is awesome !

  7. * this is the traffic HUB

  8. I’ll be the first comment to say this, but I ❤ uncle deek!

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