ArabNet 2011 – Developer Day

ArabNet 2011

Paparazzi at ArabNet

Ok guys..before I say anything, let me apologize for the lack of coverage of today’s event.  You see, the thing is,, today was Developer Day at ArabNet 2011..and as a result, most of what was going on was wayyyyy over my head..  But I did sit in a few of the Starter Talks if only just to hear the speakers say “Django” and “Ruby RubyonRails” (they’re programming languages I think!)  So, I’m making progress..slowly but surely!

Anyway, I will try my best to bring you some better coverage over the coming days, when I’m actually able to understand what is going on.  But for now, I hope you are happy with a few photos from the event, and a few of my live tweets!

ArabNet 2011

Omar Christidis founder of ArabNet opens the event

ArabNet 2011

The "Mobile Platform" Panel Speakers

The Panel on Mobile Platforms was about the only thing that I could here are some of my tweets (as well as one other from a Product Development Session)..

ArabNet 2011

My live twitter stream from the event

ArabNet 2011

The ArabNet program - this is as close to programming as I'll ever get!

And that’s about all of the pictures I took for Developer Day!  Shameful, I know..but bear with me!  I’m a copywriter! 😀

Before I left for the day, I managed to take a sneak peak into the Startup Demo and Sponsors Exhibition Area to get a sense of what ArabNet 2011 has in store for us tomorrow.  I managed to capture this interesting piece of hardware from the Third World Magic booth..most of the others were still under construction..

ArabNet 2011

A sneak peak at the Third World Magic Booth..hmm! I wonder what it does!!

For all of you developers out there (those who were at ArabNet and those who were following via Twitter/Live Streaming),,what did you think of Developer Day?  What insights did you gather?  Were you pleased with the panel of speakers and the topics discussed?  What is the next big trend in mobile?

Looking forward to being schooled by your comments!

Come back tmrw for coverage of day 2 (Forum Day 1) of ArabNet Shift Digital Summit!  And make sure to follow me on twitter for some insights from the conference: @meinlebanon



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4 responses to “ArabNet 2011 – Developer Day

  1. Personally i was not impressed by day one, i am not a developer, but work in the industry and felt the info was raw, i am sure you noticed from my tweets. I liked the Microsoft talks, the UX talk was a well structured intro and missed mobile in the morning because it was too crowded. Full post coming up on Gigalb

  2. That’s “Ruby on Rails”, a web application framework for the programming language “Ruby”.

  3. Henri

    What’s in the third world magic booth is a Makerbot Cupcake CNC.
    In other words, a 3D printer. 🙂
    It’s basically a small robotized do-it-yourself plastic extrusion machine that prints 3D objects by applying layers of plastic. It’s really cool and simple, but needs expertise to use properly. I made one myself and have yet to get results I’m happy with.

    • Simon

      The most amazing things about the Makerbot is that it’s completely open source (and open hardware). All designs, schematics, source code, dimensions, etc… are available online for anyone to build one (anyone with electronics, and software knowledge that is)

      Or you can simply buy all the componenets from 🙂

      Danielle, this post speaks my language 🙂

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