Say hello to my little friend.

I would like to take this time to introduce you to the newest member of my household: Mobi.

Mobi Lebanon

Mobi meet Reader. Reader meet Mobi.

She’s cute, right?  And she even comes with her own little stand to help her with her posture!   But don’t let her looks fool you…she can be a real big pain in the BUTT when she’s ready.

Like when she spontaneously decides not to work…or to work reallllly slooooooowly!   Doesn’t she know I have blog posts to write, pictures to upload, facebook pages to update, and really insightful quotes to tweet?   I mean, HELLOOO!!

I think she’s suffering from an inflated sense of self..always blinking and -ish like she’s working HARD.  Girl,,,who you foolin’?  Just because you look good in black doesn’t mean you have the authority to make people’s lives miserable!

Mobi Lebanon

Instant Freedom? More like Instant Headache!

And on top of that..she has the audacity to put all of these weird quotas and limits on me during normal waking hours..but then, all of a sudden, she decides to work FULL speed from 12:00am until 8:00am!  Doesn’t she know I need to get my beauty sleep?  UGH.. What a B!  Who does she think she is???!?

On top of everything, she makes me pay her at least $45 dollars a month (sometimes more if I work her too hard!), for her less than stellar services.

I seriously thought about turning her in for something better, but it seems like I’m stuck with her because I don’t have a landline.

Anyway, can’t have it all in life, now can you…?


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31 responses to “Say hello to my little friend.

  1. Joe

    you forgot to mention how much $ she needs to keep her going, but what to do, am stuck with her too since there is no other option for the time being

  2. I find it bad & expensive, hot-line is not hot at all, tech support are not sportive and they are not friendly (hope you’ll not need to call them at any time), they used to piss me off every time I have trouble with the connection, they are unprofessional!

    I bought it because there was no other option that time, I stopped using it as soon as I got DSL.

    The only good thing in it is the unlimited download quota from 12 to 8, otherwise everything else is rubbish (slow, internet is down for around two hours every day I MEAN IT EVERY DAY!)

  3. Uxsoup

    You’ve got a 24h trial, send it back! they say money back guaranteed! go through the fine prints. Mobi IS THE worst service ever.

  4. Christine

    Please tell me Wise is a better option…. cause that’s what I’ll be getting this week.

    • a bit cheaper, like 35$ a month, didn’t use it though (WISE)

    • Learner


      MOBI is a service/technology supplied through several ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in Lebanon. Wise is an ISP that provides different services running on different technologies like ADSL or a wireless solution with Motorola’s Expedience Residential Subscriber Unit. So you can’t compare MOBI to Wise.

      For example, SODETEL provides as wireless solutions MOBI and WiMAX (they call it IFLY).

      See this

      The technologies play a big role in the quality of the connection but in Lebanon things are not running as they should as ISPs can make the best service become the worst with overloading it or not providing the needed bandwidth at the main backbone.

      • Wow thanks for the technical explanation!

      • That was me btw (Learner). I was logged in with my account (I don’t really use it for posting comments) and posted the comment without noticing… Post… then oops 😉

      • Christine

        Thanks a lot Amer!
        Now I understand what the guy was telling me about yesterday at the shop.
        Can I ask one more question? I called Wise, and they said to be totally “wireless” I can get a PCMCIA card (I do have a slot for that on my laptop) but then the guy at radioshack basically said it sucks and that I should really just get a wise box, and deal with the wires if I don’t want to get a router too.

        Oh, and how good is ifly? I live in Hamra… good coverage if I get the usb dongle?
        What do you think? It seems like you know about this stuff.
        Thanks again!

      • Christine,

        With the desktop solution (Wise Box/Motorola’s RSU), you would get a better reception of the signal and the connection would be more reliable. It depends on the covered area. To be on the safe side, I too would recommend the desktop solution.

        If you are going to use the connection at home, connecting the device to a router would be a perfect solution for you to get a completely wireless connection. You could connect your laptop to the Wireless router without any cable and the router provides you with the Internet connection from its connection with the Wise Box.

        Technologically speaking, the I-FLY would provide a better connection than the Wise Box and I would recommend it. You can get the USB dongle and it would work fine in Hamra. But if you want to share the connection at home with your family computers, I suggest you get the desktop modem and connect it to a router, and then get your laptop connected to the wireless router without any cable. Other computers at home could also get connected to the router with a wireless connection or using cables.

        If you chose to get the I-FLY, Cyberia ‘s offers are apparently better.
        The Value’s plan gives you up to 128 Kbps upload speed while the similar one at Sodetel says it’s 64Kbps. However, the total limitation in volume is 3.5 with Sodetel, and only 3 with Cyberia.

        So, the suggested plan is the “Value” at Cyberia: 128 Kbps upload, 512 Kbps download. (Unless you see that you wouldn’t need that upload speed; you’d benefit with a more half GB traffic with Sodetel).

        Please notice that these services are all Shared. So, those speeds are not guaranteed all the time. And this also means that an ISP service could be better than the other regardless of the service specification labels. But with having the same technology being in use, you could change the ISP when you want to.

      • Christine

        I really appreciate all this help!
        Thanks for the time you put in to look things up and explain to me.
        I wish you a great rest of the week 🙂

      • You’re welcome.

        Just one more thing, I linked above to the Sodetel I-FLY page, but here is the Cyberia I-FLY one where you could see the monthly subscription offers:

        I want to correct something, both Cyberia and Sodetel offer 3.5 GB traffic at their similar plan of 512kbps download, but Cyberia offers a 128kbps upload while Sodetel offers 64kbps upload for all plans. So again, Cyberia appears to be more beneficial.

  5. Danni go for WISE! I use it and it is REALLY good!

  6. Bad bad girl! 😛
    tried it once, decided not to try it again 😛

  7. Youssef Chaker

    Take the pictures away and we’d be having a totally different conversation!

    I tried it last time I was in Lebanon. I couldn’t survive on it if i were staying longer than the few weeks. I used up my quota in two weeks for what’s supposed to last 1 month. Like Dany said, the service goes away for a period of time every day. It’s slow as **** after midnight. So make sure you do some meditation every morning, you’ll need it after dealing with this thing! just remember: WOOSAAH!

  8. Abaretruth

    Hey girl, i’ve been using a mobi for couple of years now. As I sleep sometimes at my friends etc, I need a modem that can travel with me… Unfortunately due to the reality of Lebanese Internet, it cuts…,…,…
    I used the 50$ card in one week. I just cried my ass of buying amother recharge

  9. Caroline

    Thank you for posting this because I have been thinking about switching to Mobi. Apparently some internet providers have machines that can mess up the machines’ signal in Hamra!

    My internet connection at home is still horrible, and like yours Dani, decides to start working properly in the wee hours of the night. I hate the internet in this country!!!!

  10. Lara

    Join the club!
    My USB Mobi and I got introduced last month and the experience was more like a cardio exercise.
    Sometimes for no valid reason the signal strength drops to 30 or 40%, and I start my workout :
    Hold the laptop, walk around in the apartment left and right, move the laptop up and down, open the windows then the curtains until I get a better signal. And every time I need to send something urgent I just go sit outside to avoid any surprises.

    Sometimes the software starts blinking that I’ve used all my quota when in fact I barely used half of it and if I disconnect then connect again it shows accurate information again.

    It’s very slow during the day but it has a good download speed if you use it from 12:00 AM to 8:00 AM. And it’s advantage is that it’s really mobile, easy to keep it with you wherever you go. But it’s a pain in the neck, i have to admit.

    • “more like a cardio exercise..” I feel your pain! Even in the instruction manual it tells you to “open a window to get better signal!” pfff..seriously?? I wonder how many of us are walking around our house at exactly the same time?!? This is just unacceptable.

  11. Unfortunately, there aren’t really many other options. For those who need mobility, and have very low bandwidth needs, it may be fine. But I agree with with all of the frustrations above.

    That being said, if anyone is interested in buying one below retail, let me know, as I am going away and would like to sell mine.

  12. I have used Wise & Mobi for the last 2 years & they almost have the same coverage/speed in the locations that I have used.

    If I’ll have to choose, I’ll surely go for mobi, because of the mobility; ie,no need to adapter/cat 5 cable like the traditional WISE (motorolla) machine.

    During the last 5 months with Mobi, I used to have a problem every now n then during the first 3 months (the bundle deal) but after that almost no problem @ all!!

    I’m using IDM as my ISP & although I did have problem with them refilling online (even during the wise time) their support was pretty helpful & fast.

    I guess a lot depends on your geographic location too!!

  13. Hello !
    I personally don’t use Mobi. I am a DSL-er 😉 I have an account with Cyberia, renewed every 3 months for 44$/month, VAT included. Internet speed is 512kbps. I also benefit from unlimited download from 11pm – 7am. Overall dl + upl = 8GB (4 by 4). I have never had any connection problem with Cyberia. It is not affected by weather or massive use at “rush hours”. Strongly recommanded 🙂

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  15. Carina

    Any updates on the internet connectivity situation since this post? its been about a year now, any improvements?

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