Better you than me!

Remember that hike I went on two Sundays ago?   And remember how I said that I wanted to go every Sunday from now on?   Well..thank GOD something came up that prevented me from going this past Sunday..coz I would have been absolutely miserable if this is what I had to face..

Hiking in Lebanon

Hiking in Baskinta, Sannine, and the fog and rain!

The pictures are from a hike that I was SUPPOSED to go on with @mjoundi and @loulaylou..better you than me guys,,,better you than ME!!!

Hiking in Lebanon

Mud, anyone?

Hiking in Lebanon

just fabulous!

Hiking in Lebanon

That's a serious crater

Hiking in Lebanon

Sick shot..

Hiking in Lebanon


Hiking in Lebanon

Journey to nowhere..

Hiking in Lebanon

I really wonder what they all had to say about the hike..

Hiking in Lebanon


Hiking in Lebanon

Like something out of a horror movie...



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20 responses to “Better you than me!

  1. Youssef Chaker

    So I hesitated and ended up not commenting this last time on the other post. But now I wish I had…

    Who wants to join me in a pool, betting on how many times will Danielle go on a hike again in Lebanon??? 😛

  2. tyk1982

    Those pics are just awesome… I never knew such a crater existed in Lebanon…

    You just didn’t mention where this hike was?

  3. Well, in answer to photo #7, here’s what I had to say about it:

    It was just un-“f….”ing-believable… it was just the most beautiful weekend ever… Barouq – Ain Zhalta – Falougha… the photos you see were of Sunday, and yes, while it was an intense experience, for a one day hike, it wasn’t the greatest. Next month the fun really starts in terms of scenery.

    Saturday though was amazing as we reached a point in the Barouq Cedar Resrve (part of the Shouf Cedar Reserve) where if you look to the left, you see the chouf valley, turn around to the right and you see the Bekaa…

    I’ll also use this comment as an opportunity to tell @mjoundi and @loulaylou: It was nice to meet you guys… didn’t it was you up there!!

  4. I just wanted to say, I undoubtedly enjoyed your blog post and I added your link to my wordpress blog today as a recommended site. This is the blog I was seeing for! Thanks

  5. Even though I’m sure it must’ve sucked to be all muddy and gloomy.. looks oddly fun, if you’re dressed for it and all.. its an experience.

  6. Hamilton, ON.. near Toronto to some degree.
    Towsal bil salameh. You’re coming at a good time- the weather is nice!

    • I’ll be in Toronto in a week, spending a few days there. Good to hear the weather is nice, not looking forward to any cold.

      • Well considering Canadian weather is always changing .. be prepared for some cold 😛 but on the most part its nice. At least sunny. Sometimes, its easy to forget how things are here.
        Enjoy your few days here.

  7. What an experience that was! LOL
    Ok I’m a sucker for that kind of adventure but the mud pic???? that one killed it for me 😛

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