What would you name a female-led Middle East nation?

Presenting the independent female republic of Vagistan..

Was watching the Jon Stewart show last night when him and co-star Kristen Schaal brainstormed for names of a female-led Middle East nation.   They eventually settled on “Libya Majora.” (“Lesbanon” just didn’t seem to have enough pull).

STEWART: Umm… that was… Vagistan?

SCHAAL: Yeah.  Not quite what…?

STEWART: Little on the nose.

SCHAAL: What about… Shegypt?

STEWART: Misreal.

SCHAAL: Uh… how about, Turkwomanistan?

STEWART: Boobados.

SCHAAL: Oh, Boobados?  That’s in the Carribean, come on!

STEWART: Lesbanon?

SCHAAL: I got it.  Libya Majora.

STEWART: Done!  Done!  Done!

For some reason the video doesn’t seem to want to embed..(UGH!!!)


Watch it HERE!!!


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11 responses to “What would you name a female-led Middle East nation?

  1. LOL! I can’t remember if it was Jon Stewart or Colbert that said the female led country could also be called Vaginistan!

  2. Placement is working for them too it seems 😉
    I think if a country were ever led by women, it would have a hell-uva better name than that.

    • Youssef Chaker

      Yasmine, did you got to UVA? I ask that because we use hell-uva (with the dash instead of the full word) and I hadn’t seen anyone else do that! 😛

  3. Womanistan :p
    We’ll rule and we’ll choose the best :p

  4. Youssef Chaker

    Im applying for citizenship 🙂

  5. I prefer Crakistan. Too rude? 🙂

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