My first Dabke..

Dabke Gandour

Have you ever tried a Dabke?



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20 responses to “My first Dabke..

  1. Lol i half expected to see you actually dancing the dabke!

  2. Joe


    I thought we’re going to see a picture of you dancing 😀

  3. Loooool… not fair! But you got the title spot on! 🙂

  4. Looolll… I though you are trying to dance Dabke!!
    It’s not a very yummy biscuit, we used to have it when we were kids!!

  5. lool we were all expecting to see you dance dabke. 😀

  6. You Dani you! thought I’m gonna see you dancing.. A belated April fools day?? 😛

  7. You should try Dabke with Marie. They’re delicious 😛

  8. Johnny

    :-\ That’s not a dabke!

  9. I expected dance 😛 and my comment would have been: same here, since my first dabke was rather traumatizing.

    But I’ve been lately eating lots of this (due to giving up chocolate for lent) and I blame my parents for not introducing it to my life earlier.

  10. Ali El Dali

    Like all others that commented before, I also expected to hear about your first time dancing it!

    I’m out, DALEEEEE!

  11. Fadi

    What a fail ! I thought you actually learned the dance !
    Someone take Danielle to a (perhaps not too posh) Lebanese wedding, she’s sure to find the REAL dabke there ! 😀

  12. sara ajami

    jajaja, nice title 😀
    but the older version od DABKÉ was much better than this one …
    they dont sell it anymore 😦

  13. Rob

    haha good one! 😀

  14. batoul chour

    i like it 🙂

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