The Missing Zs

I received a tip about the missing zs!!

Zaatar w Zeit

This cryptic letter showed up to my job!

Does anyone else know anything about this?


aatar w eit!



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26 responses to “The Missing Zs

  1. Patrick

    Reminds me when “someone” kidnapped baby Jesus at work, sent a ransom note for a billion dollars and threatened to kill a sheep for every day of delay.

    Ah the good times.

  2. Youssef Chaker

    is this related to the Z society? (a secret society at UVA) 😛

  3. Z Liberation Cell


    We have all the Zs at our headquarters, more info will follow in due time.

    Z Liberation Cell.

  4. We have been having a discussion about it on twitter. Darine, Myself, Maya zankoul and Gino R3aydi got the letter too and we were discussing whether or not this was a good campaign..

    • I have to agree with you there. It was a bit too staged for my liking. But hey, I applaud the effort. I like the way companies are experimenting with other forms of advertising, PR, and communication. It’s definitely a step in the right direction.

  5. reminding me of the first outrage made toward brands in the 80’s in Lebanon.

    My sister was working for an adv agency at that time that made a advertisement for a brand of luxury bags. They made the posters etc… and they launched the campaign. Few days later, the posters were “agressed”, painted etc… It was the owner of that brand in Lebanon that asked some artists to do so, in order to make the consumers talking about it .

    Anyway, it is beginning to be as we are saying in french “un plat réchauffé”.

  6. N

    Best ad for z and z would be good food and fair prices. Sophisticated campaigns will just show they have none of the before mentioned.

  7. Marie

    I think that it’s, regardless of anything else, a great step towards good social media marketing in Lebanon. So, respect!
    And unlike N, I think they have pretty good food. Regarding prices, pretty much all the restaurants in Lebanon are overpriced. Everything is getting overpriced anyways :s

  8. Walid

    I’ve been seeing many blogs talking about this, i am eager to find out what is going on to happen next… Pretty cool! And i agree with Marie, everything is getting more expensive.

  9. Caroline

    I realized that the Z’s were missing on my way back from work the other day… Keep us posted on what’s happening please!

  10. I think its very interesting, and very very very extra cool XD ..

    I will be disappointed if its staged, at the end of the day we need creativity, or fun, name it whatever you want that breaks the boring routine we are living.

  11. Z Liberation Cell


    We Have a Video Message for the Public!


    • Youssef Chaker

      ehhh… since Danielle doesn’t understand arabic, and those who can probably barely understood what was said, i’ll translate…

      date (with unreadable newspaper to verify the date is current and the tape is not pre filmed), we bla bla bla have kidnapped the Zs. we’re not scared, we can do whatever we want, bla bla bla, there have been some speculations about who and why the Zs went missing, we took them because we care for them, we want the best for it, so wait for us and and soon we’ll divulge the truth.

      … lame! 😛

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  13. Hi Danielle,

    There is a character in your post causing an error in some feed readers and resulting in making the reader not getting your new posts anymore. I noticed this problem when my Desktop RSS Feed Reader, namely “RSS Bandit” (this is a popular desktop feed reader), stopped getting feeds from your blog. Other feed readers like Google Reader or FeedDemon were able to work around this and render your feeds to the most correct form they can. What this means is that some of your subscribers who have RSS readers that can’t work around the problem are currently not getting your blog feeds.

    When I added your blog to my other reader FeedDemon, it identified the error but suggested that it can try to do a workaround.

    To see what is causing the problem, go to this W3C Feed Validation Service

    It shows you exactly where the problem is. Your concern is about the first entry in the report where it says “XML parsing error”.
    Now, the problem is in the caption of the second image where it says “The missing Zs..” There is an invalid character in the “Zs..” between the ‘Z ‘and the ‘s’. Try rewriting it again (select it, and then type it again). Then update the post. This should solve the problem and there should be no more errors after that with readers including RSS Bandit and should be able to get and show your posts again.

  14. jo mahmah

    I think this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

    Zaatar w Zeit is open 24/7. I’m sure they would’ve seen someone stealing their Z’s.

    Obviously intentional and just super duper lame.

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