What 100 people in Hamra think about the state of the universe

I came across this 400-person poll conducted by New York Magazine on the streets of Rome, Beirut, Tokyo, and NYC.  There wasn’t a story included with the individual polls, but according to a little disclaimer at the top of the document, the people from New York Mag went around polling 100 people in only certain areas of these 4 cities to find out their opinions regarding the “state of the universe.

conducted by New York Magazine..

They picked Hamra (you guessed it!) to represent Beirut.  And although Hamra isn’t representative of  the whole city (yes, I will be the first to admit to that fact!), it sure is nice to see Beirut up there alongside Rome, Tokyo, and NYC.

The results of the 4 polls were presented in pictograph form.  I cut out the parts relating to Beirut..However, I really recommend reading what the respondents from the other cities had to say about “the state of the universe.”  All in all (and despite the fact that they only polled 100 people in each city) the results are pretty interesting.  Check out the entire poll here.  Click on the below images to ENLARGE.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

So, after reading through the questions and their answers..what are your thoughts?  Do you think the poll was flawed by only questioning people in Hamra?  Or do you think that the results reflect the general sentiment of the entire city?



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5 responses to “What 100 people in Hamra think about the state of the universe

  1. “The %UU%(^% Saudis who ruined it for locals with their bling” LOL… All in all, a very interesting survey.
    I’m glad they chose Beirut to represent this part of the world.

  2. Youssef Chaker

    I will read the entire thing and give a better answer, but one flagrant response that is typical of a Hamra resident vs a non-Hamra resident is the “May 7, 2008” response for worst thing to happen to Beirut. I, by no means, am saying that event was a good thing or disagreeing at all with the response. I just want to highlight that you would definitely get a different response to that question if you expand the survey to other areas of the capital.

    might be back shortly with a longer comment… stay tuned 😛

  3. Youssef Chaker

    Here are my sentiments and reactions to the questions and answers (it’s short and more on light, humorist side):

    It’s surprising to see that at most 39% of the people think their country is headed in the right direction, yet there is no significant movement towards change in any of these countries!

    “Tabouleh” is what I like the most about Lebanon too 😛

    Japs like the service at their restaurants? really? that’s the country where you go to a restaurant and have plates of food pass by your booth on a belt!!! 😛

    The Italians got it best… “Women” is by far the best answer you could have for anything!

    and again the americans show their ignorance: “Freedom” and “Rick Moranis”!!

    “The extinction of the Lebanese nose”, whoever gave that answer gets a +1 from me!

    The irony and hypocrisy of the Japanese people is interesting. (Disclaimer: I LOVE the Japanese culture. Read ‘Tokyo Vice’, if you want an insider look at the culture, I can give you the book.) What you like the most: “Politeness”, what you like least: “People say mean things online”.

    Only one person doesn’t like the mafia… I guess all others were eliminated prior or during the survey 😛

    “Taxes” (should have been “Texas”, just flip to letters), “Inequality”, “Idiots”, “Capitalism, slavery, the Illuminati and self-importance”… sums up my experience in the US!

    The “What is the biggest problem currently facing the Earth as a whole?” question is very good. Everyone thinks poverty is a problem yet we keep feeding the machine that created the problem. No one cares about nuclear wars or peace in the Middle East. Global warming is fighting with human rights and political freedom for the popularity crown.

    Lebanon still has an identity crisis in terms of sexuality… a topic covered a few times on this blog!

    NY is mostly a blue state. No surprise there… Hamra residents on the other hand seem disappointed with Obama, I wonder why!

    “The upheaval in the Middle East…”: most everyone else has no idea what’s going on, the Lebanese will always have a pessimistic view of politics and change.

    The question about NY is useless…

    “What is the worst thing America has done to Italian food?”:
    “Bringing McDonald’s to Italy.”- totally agree, same with Lebanon
    “Spaghetti with ketchup.”- HEY! I do that!!! 😛
    “More or less everything.”- +1

    NY only gets this questions:”Trump for president?” ????? “I’m not dignifying this with an answer.”

    BTW, I do not like this: “West Beirut’s Hamra district”. West Beirut vs East Beirut is civil war lingo that should not be used anymore!

    bottom line: you can’t not use this poll in any scientific research or foreign policy initiative or any crap of that sort.

  4. joseph

    I’d also be worried about the size of the poll in addition to where the poll was conducted.

    Generally, in political polling, they aim for 1,000 respondents as this reduces sampling error to roughly 3%. (To reduce sampling error to 1% you need to survey about 10,000 respondents. But this is another story)

    Anything below 850-1,000 respondents and your polling exercise becomes a gimmick.

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