Beirut, I’m cheating on you (and loving it!)


Listen.  You’ve been good to me.  You really have.  But remember that time we talked about taking some space?   Well…that time has come.  I just need to get out there for a bit and play the field.  You know.. just to make sure I really want to stay with you for the long haul..

I know, I know.  10 days is a long time for us to be apart.  But in the end, I think we’ll be able to come back together with a renewed sense of why we got into this relationship in the first place.  Sometimes distance helps you think more clearly..well, at least that’s what they say.

Because I love you, and because I believe in honesty (well, most of the time), I want you to know exactly who I’ll be seeing over the next week and a half..  Their names are Barcelona, Florence, Monte Carlo, and Rome.  I have included their pictures for you to see, since I know how much you love comparing your looks to others (why are you like that by the way?  Try and work on that while I’m gone, will ya?).


Meet Barcelona..

image credit


Meet Florence..

image credit

Monte Carlo

Meet Monte Carlo..

image credit


Meet Rome..

image credit

Please don’t be mad.  I need you to understand that I have to do this.  For me.  For you.  For US.

I’ll be back before you know it.  Go out there and have some fun..and don’t miss me too much..

Your girl,




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25 responses to “Beirut, I’m cheating on you (and loving it!)

  1. Joelle Eid

    AWESOME!!! Are you doing a tour? I want to go to all of the above and can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. Lovely! Met all those lovely ladies and fell in love with them one by one! Have fun! Beirut will be sad but will surely go dancing!

  3. Fadi

    awww that’s such a cute blog post

    have fun!!

  4. Ali El Dali

    Barcelona rocks! Let me know if you need any help. I can give you some tips and help you out with the Spanish! 😛

    Have fun!

  5. This post reminds of the last post I wrote before I left Lebanon (link).

    Really sweet post Dani, enjoy Europe ! And next time, aim a bit more north 🙂

  6. Have a great time and hurry back. It’s just not the same without you!

  7. GASS

    Sweet! If only we can be so lucky! Enjoy. I go now to gather and weep for your reckless wicked actions ) :

  8. Enjoy it girl… Happy easter

  9. Riham

    That’s amaaaazing! But why not Dublin?!

  10. I think Beirut feels jealous and is feeling like she has competition.

    Don’t worry Beirut, no one can compete with you.

  11. lol awesome!
    Have fun Dani!!!

  12. Nat

    Beirut is giving you the silent treatment.. Come back ok!!

  13. Mira

    do you have time to swing by Geneva – come check out the Alpes,


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  15. ED

    I have a WordPress blog and what I need is to rotate my blog posts over and over with a preset time interval. And also I’d like to shuffle my posts. Would RSS feeds pick up the rotated blog posts as new ones? Does someone have this PHP code? Thanks.

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