Lebanon’s International Day Against Homophobia

Was taking a walk to the bank this morning, when these posters stopped me in my tracks..



When I got to work, I went on the website and found this:

the blog.. Lebanon's IDAHO

The people behind the movement

I just want to commend the people behind this initiative for a few things:

– The excellent use of attention grabbing copy (as a copywriter, this is the first thing I noticed)

– The insightful use of walls as the conduit for the message (in Lebanon, walls are a very effective means of communication/advertising space..for a message to be heard (in Lebanon), it is still essential to have presence both online and offline.)

– And for taking this important cause under your wing!

Great work you guys (and girls)!  You have my support!

Check out the LEBIDAHO blog, and their personal stories here.



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10 responses to “Lebanon’s International Day Against Homophobia

  1. Your feedback really matters Dani, so thanks for sharing what you thought about the campaign! 🙂

  2. jimmy

    The arabic posters are so poignant ! good initiative

  3. I’m so glad these caught your attention 😀
    Thanks for the pictures & for sharing!

  4. Youssef Chaker

    Lebanon needs more awareness campaigns that touch on a lot of subjects. They’ve got my support too.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to snap the shots, post them on your blog, and help raise awareness and spread the word. We really appreciate the feedback. Stay Strong

  6. Nat

    Great initiative! Love the campaign 🙂

  7. Justalover

    Bravo,,, keep it up guys!!! great work =]

  8. Thanks for posting the photos; it’s wonderful to see that effort is being made to increase awareness. I feel like Lebanon’s come a long way in the last decade.. I don’t think I ever used to see any campaigns like this. Hopefully it continues!

  9. jo mahmah

    full support

  10. GASS

    Guys it’s about time to have a Gay pride? With the support of NGOs to report abuses and mediatise it!
    Awareness doesn’t work in Lebanon. Most people are insensitive to the issue and they have better things to worry about.

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