Typical Lebanon

Typical directions in Lebanon:  Meet me by the church next to the mosque across from the nightclub in Downtown.

Church next to the Mosque Lebanon



This was just too good not to post here..


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13 responses to “Typical Lebanon

  1. You turn everyyyyyyyyyything into a post! haha

  2. I love this, it’s spot on! xx

  3. Alf

    on the right you have a one way street. you take the street 3aks el seir (wrong way) for chi 200 m and you’ll find me there

  4. Youssef Chaker

    a typical joke about this: ‘you know the trailla (chandelier)? not the first burned out bulb, the second to the right.’

  5. This is hilarious! Enjoying your blog in general. When I first moved to Beirut I could NOT understand why everyone asked me if I lived next to the Patisserie Suisse..because there is no such business anywhere in my neighborhood – apparently it closed down decades ago! The best part is that now sometimes I find myself using a landmark I’ve never even seen.. Typical Beirut. By the way, I think you are awesome for sharing your funny tattoo with the world, don’t you feel better about it already?!

  6. Simon

    hehehe this is a great collaborative post 🙂
    great use of social networking for pulling this together…
    directions in Lebanon have always fascinated me.
    Even google is in with this, go to maps.google.com.lb and randomly click on destination then read the directions… typical lebanese directions 🙂

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