My second Lebanese wedding


I’m attending my second Lebanese wedding this weekend (OH THE JOYYYY!) and I’m thinking about showing everyone just how Lebanese I can be…especially after last year’s debacle where I showed up in a $50 dress from Zara (OH THE HORROR), frizzy hair, and smudged nails (I did them in the car!)..  I’ll never forget how I felt when I got to the wedding (which was at a “château” in Jounieh btw) was as if I showed up to the Oscars in my gym clothes.  I should’ve known chateau = fancy, formal, and over-the-top. DUH! year, new me..right?  Right.

So to help me avoid last year’s faux paus..I’m enlisting your help.

Which hairstyle should I pick?

I can't pick which one I like more!

Help me pick one!

NOT!  Just kidding folks.. I’m really not cut out for this!  Plus, I don’t think my head can hold so much weight without my neck breaking!  …..sigh….I miss casual American weddings.. where $50 dresses and do-it-yourself make-up are more than acceptable.

My second Lebanese wedding is in less than a week and I don’t have a dress.  Maybe I should just recycle last year’s dress?  That would be EPIC!



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52 responses to “My second Lebanese wedding

  1. Youssef Chaker

    oh stop it 5!
    honestly, the top left pic is MEH. the top right pic is just wrong. the bottom right pic is scary. the bottom left one is nice if you ignore the hair 😛

    so… i was planning on crashing some lebanese weddings when im there. but some of those low budge, barely serve you water, not sure if there will be a wedding dress for the bride, all about the dancing and having fun type of weddings, want to come with? 😉

  2. Youssef Chaker


  3. rikkles

    Oh come on, let me give you a guy’s advice. You’re not gonna take it, but I’ll still give it to you. For free. You just have to read the next line. That’s it. Here it goes:

    Be natural.

    There, that wasn’t so hard now, was it? The hard part is actually doing it. Or, in this case, not doing it. I mean by that: no face paint, no crazy hairdo, no ridiculous dress, no can’t-walk-in-these-shoes.
    In Lebanon, to stand out, you go the other way. Not dirty, but clean and simple. You’ll rock!

  4. Christine

    Oh God! U got me worried there for a second! Going from one (fairly normal) extreme, to a scary one!
    Keep it simple (as simple as a Lebanese can be though!) and enjoy the wedding!

  5. I feel like I need to submit those pics to the Photoshop Disaster blog.

  6. I tink just look good in a simple “American” way. Just make sure to do it right- I think people can appreciate that. Especially when I look at Lebanese celebs like Nancy Ajram and such- they do dress in this simple style- sometimes I really wonder where did these crazy fashions come from? Who decided they should promote extreme and often ugly fashion choices?

  7. NO! keep your hair casual, just buy a fancy dress! and for the love of god (and the force), DON’T OVER MAKE-UP!

  8. GASS

    Yakkkk ! Awful haircuts ! better shaved ( :

  9. Go to “Glowbal” on Raoucheh. Outlet place with super duper dresses for weddings. You are sure to find something and it won’t break the bank. Please try it xxx 🙂

    • True, though you have to like.. have all day for Glowbal coz they are one of those stock department stores, where you have to search endlessly to find something remotely wearable, and you’d be lucky to find it in your size

    • Thanks Mich! You always have the answers!

      • Mich is right – and considering your size you will find lots of things there. If not, try the outlet stores for the major brands, they usually have some nice things at affordable prices – I like Gaia for weddings, its a the end of Verdun.

  10. annie

    Actually,I saw one Beige dress at Vero Moda for 49000L.L. only,there’s the black one too,just above the knee, it’s very classy ,and believe me over the top is for those who cannot create and mix and who claim that a 300- 400 $ dress is worth more than a simple and chic dress for a mere 49000 L.L.

  11. I’ve got a wedding in Italy and still don’t have a clue on what to wear, it’s next month so I still have some time…my advice is..wear whatever you like but please please do not go for any of these hair/makeup styles. I’m thinking to wear only a fascinator in my hair…ever tried one?

  12. There’s absolutely no reason to go that way…have you any idea how heavy these things probably are?
    No no, I agree with what was said up there, stay simple, wear something you are comfortable in, and most importantly shoes you are comfortable in. The reason why most people look stuck up unnerved at weddings is because they feel so doggone uncomfortable. These are not the people you want to represent, you have to represent yourself 🙂
    I think a classy bun would suit you. Have a blast!!!

    • Thanks Steph! Yeah..never in a million years would I go for a do like that. It’s soooo NOT ME. Half up, half down, or a classy bun (as you said) will do just fine! I can’t believe people actually pay to get their hair done to look like the above photos..I’m with you 100% – how uncomfortable!

  13. Sietske

    Either the same dress (yes, that would be epic), or Glowbal, as Mich says. Totally fantastic dresses for 75,000 tops!

  14. Dear LORD! hahahah.. how about none?
    U know what, since you’re in Hamra, go to Glint, tell him you’ve got a wedding but you want something simple, he’s quite good…

    If you don’t know where it is, take Makdessi St. (the street where Prague is) and keep going straight with the flow of traffic, there’s the corner where Le Rouge is, keep going straight, you’ll get to the corner with Moustache on the left, keep going straight, you’ll get to the corner with the COOP on your left, keep going straight until you get to the next corner (creepy Guy’s Bar should be on your left), eh take a right, and go straight until you see a corner (mafra2) on ur left, Glint should be there 😛

    Wow.. my directions to the stupid hair dresser are longer than my actual comment 😀

    What are you gona do about the dress? Check Vero Moda, I’ve been able to pass several of their dresses at these kinds of events unnoticed, just dress them up with the right accessories and you’ll be fine 😀

    Hahahah I never thought I’d ever give advice on this topic to anyone.. I’m growing as a person 😛

    • Youssef Chaker

      this comment is somewhat of a double pun… it comments on the wedding post but also brings in some of the flavor from the previous post about giving directions in Lebanon.

      well done @JoannaDee, chapeau bas!

    • lol…Youssef was right! Your directions are hilarious! hahaha… girl did you really think I was serious about choosing those hairstyles? Come on now girllllllll…I’m guessing people didn’t realize that I was joking?? 😀 Glint sounds he a tailor or something?

      • joannadee

        Hahaha no Dani, he’s a hair dresser actually.. quite good too :).. I was sure you’d never go for something like that.. though if you did, I wanna be there and take loads and loads of pics 😛 😀

      • I might just do it as an experiment! Thanks for the idea! haha

  15. Nick

    Can’t say that the hair pics did anything for me except make me laugh. Most weddings run to the tacky, and these shots just reinforce that in my mind. How about brushing your hair, and getting a nice dress. You seem a nice person and that alone usually pulls people through.

    Have fun.

    • I’m realizing that people thought I was actually considering these hairstyles! Not in a million years dude! I was just poking a little those people who feel like they have to go to such lengths to look good. Yeah..I’m more your natural type. Brushing my hair and getting a dress sounds like the way to go! 😉 Thanks for the comment!

      • Nick

        Amazing, but some people actually DO that for reals. Around here, weddings and grad- which amounts to about the same thing, become events that banks will extend your mortgage to finance. And the COMPLETE lack of taste (which I know is personal, but still…) well it boggles my mind.

      • I knowww they do it for realls…but WHY? Insane in the membrane. Yeah…banks not only extend credit for weddings and graduations,,but also for plastic surgery!

  16. Simon

    You’ve only been to a single lebanese wedding so far? how is that possible? i only spend the month of July in lebanon and manage to get invited to 3 or 4 weddings!

    Oh and i agree with the above comments, choose none of those pics! it’s hair gone overboard! also girls in lebanon really really really overdo it with hair and make up! and dress alike!

    • Simon! You really thought I would’ve chosen one of those pics? Come on was a joke! 😉 Yeah…and I’ve only been to one wedding! Guess I’m not loved..either that or none of my friends are getting married! haha

      • Simon

        I’m only showing my age since 90% of my friends are married, and the rest are getting married. I’m goin to the USA for a friends wedding next month! yay, can’t wait (just thought i’d rub it in, so excited bout my trip hehehe)

  17. Hahaha, you should have seen my face looking at those photos. I was like WHAAAT SHE’S GOING ALL OUT, AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY!

  18. Minelli

    I too am attending a wedding in Beirut next month….I would like some advice to what to wear ??? I am of indian origin, so would like to know would it be acceptable to wear a traditional Indian Sari or go western ??? Is black an acceptable colour for a wedding ????

    • Minelli,
      I am Lebanese and live in Lebanon.
      I went to India a few yrs ago and bought a gorgeous Sari. Wanting to wear it and not knowing where to do it… i thought it would be best worn to a wedding. So that’s what I did.
      I admit, I got lots of strange looks, but also many people complimented my choice, and more importantly I was happy about it. It was different!

      So, I would say, go ahead, wear your Sari, and stand out. But if looks make you feel uncomfortable, then go with a dress!

  19. Selwa

    Hi, so i totally agree with you feeling on Lebanese weddings they are more difficult to prepare for than the states. My fathers Lebanese but my mother is American so I live in the states. Anyways I was looking for a Lebanese persons advice on a subject of weddings. Well my husband and I married about five years ago and did not do a wedding ceremony because I really was not getting along with my family we were different minds facing off against each other at the time. We did all small ceremony but my husbands family did not get to come just very close relatives. So a bunch of my American family were suggesting for us to do something common is the states which is a 10th Wedding reception but have it in Beirut and bring all our families together including my family in the United States. Im not sure though if they do this kind of thing in Lebanon or if it would be weird. We thought it would be fun to celebrate such a big by having a second wedding and having all the people we love there. So what’s your opinion?

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