And the award for most original bar name goes to…

Tarek Booze

Time Out rated Tarek Booze 'Bar of the Month" last month... Hmmmm. Tarek must know what he's doing!

* Update – my bad on his one.  I thought that the person who named this bar was just trying to be super cliche and cheesy by naming the bar after himself and putting “Booze” as his last name..when it turns out “Tarek Booz” means “To frown/to have a sad face” in Arabic.  Thank you to Joe from ‘Joe’s Box’ for correcting me!  Apparently, the owner of the bar had this to say about the name..”Can you believe we named our pub Tarek Booze? The concept of a character called Tarek, mbawwaz all day like most gov’t officials, who comes to this place and biyatrok booze instead…”

so basically, tarek booze (the Arabic expression) = pulling a sad face.

..but it can also mean tarek (Arabic) booze (English) = pulling booze = hitting the alcohol

So, come in with a sad face (after a long day of work)..and then get all boozed up!

The joke is on me!  It actually IS the most original bar name!



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7 responses to “And the award for most original bar name goes to…

  1. Tarek Booze is a play on word, means pouting (as in sad/angry/cranky pouting) it made me laugh! (Booze is booze and pouting…) ya know…

  2. Nick

    Oh ya! Given everything this is my new favourite bar. Just the place when it’s raining (inside or out)

  3. Youssef Chaker

    man! this one of those ‘puns’ I would have missed because I was reading it in the english mindset.
    interesting name, creatively chosen…

  4. Hi all,

    Thanks for the comments, to Joe’s Box, TimeOutBeirut and ThisIsBeirut !

    And thanks to Youssef, Paul and Luana who came up with the name after a usual gathering of friends 🙂 So much can be said, good and less good, but it’s a great adventure with all the Beirutis and Lebneneez (Luana’s wording) people out there…

    Cheers !
    On behalf of Tarek Booze family & friends, Riad

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