A sea of buildings..

There are some things that I don’t think I’ll ever get used to about Lebanon..

This view of Beirut from Hazmieh is definitely one of them..

The ‘sea of buildings’ gets me every time..

Sea of buildings in Beirut..



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5 responses to “A sea of buildings..

  1. Youssef Chaker

    This picture is misleading, there is like half a park somewhere in the middle there 😛

    so this, just like any other picture or comment you’ve posted on this blog, starts out simple but brings up many underlying issues. This one in particular is a bit tough, because I do not where to start and when to stop either. Do I mention the lack of effort to maintain some sort of architectural integrity? Failure to maintain culture? The absolute abominable urban planning? Or do I go even deeper in the root of the problem, down to the cheer lack of respect to human lives and the absence of dignity in the way the Lebanese people conduct anything from business to simple human interactions since the post civil war era? The picture is misleading, it starts with a red brick house which is predominant in the view, but even that house has the Lebanese trademark of the power cable hanging down from the roof and connected to the next building over to show the sign of lack of planning or thought put in to any of this stuff.

    Beirut, and its suburbs, is housing more than 50% of the Lebanese population, yet that is no excuse to erect block of cement in every nook and cranny in the city. Which begs the other question, the elephant in the room, why does 50% of the population pile up in that small area? A quick answer is because that’s where all the schools, universities and employment options are. But still, why? Why can’t other cities be developed as well and provide those same opportunities?

    There is too much to mention. Too many questions to ask. Too many opinions or remarks to put forth. Probably enough to be the subject of some sociology major’s dissertation. So I’ll let everyone else chime in with what they think.

    You didn’t think this post will generate this kind of comment, did you?

  2. Yep, I’ve been living there for a while, and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it either. About Hazmie, can you believe that in the past 3 to 4 years more than 100 and something buildings have been built? I think somewhere someone always sells out…There is a nice wooded area around Hazmie, and word is it has been sold and something huge like another useless mall is going to be built on it. Oh joy…

  3. Nick

    I guess that’s how you pack 1.5 million people into an area you can walk across in an hour. In Calgary, close to where I live, the city’s footprint is over 95000 sq km! This for a population just over 1 million. Long time in a car to get from one end to another- or all day on foot.

  4. GASS

    You always make good points Yossef
    That pops-up in my mind the prices of real estate ESPECIALLY in this Area!
    Not sure I understand the overinflated prices of these apartments when there’s NO parks, NO adequate infrastructure, NO electricity, 24/7 Noise, ridiculous mass of ugly buildings and TRAFFIC!

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