How do you de-stress?

Something about this city is suffocating.  And even though I spend a lot of time walking outside (not having a car will do that to you), I always feeling like I’m not really breathing.  (Am I making any sense here?)  Maybe it’s a combination of the high levels of carbon emissions in the air, the constant construction happening all around you (I wake up to construction every morning – even Saturdays!), and the seemingly incessant honking (there is such thing as noise pollution ya know..)….or maybe..just maaaayyybe.. it’s because I’m an anxious, nervous wreck who stresses herself out all of the time for nothing? (yup, that’s probably it)..

Every time this feeling (aka. anxiety attack) becomes to much for me to bear (usually once/twice a week)..I make my way from my apartment to the Corniche…for a stroll along the beautiful Mediterranean Coast.

Corniche, Beirut

The Corniche, My Corniche.

Corniche, Beirut

This view reminds me of why I moved to Lebanon in the first place.(you can't see it here, but there are mountain ranges in the distance..)

What’s supposed to be a relaxing activity, is actually anything but that …as the Corniche is always buzzing with activity and excitement (don’t let the above photos fool you!).  But you know what?  I absolutely love it!  (You could say I’m one of those people who’s most relaxed when I have a million things going on around me which force me to take my thoughts off of myself.)..

And while I’ve written (one too many) posts about the Corniche/Raouche in the past.. I just wanted to dedicate this last one to what is easily one of my favorite parts of Beirut.  To show you what I’m talking about, I photographed some of the landmarks I always look out for along the route from my apartment, to the Corniche, and back..

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So, there you have typical “de-stressing” routine..what’s yours?  How do you de-stress?



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18 responses to “How do you de-stress?

  1. Joe

    Usually in order to relax, i read your blog.

    Your beautiful spirit and good writing just take away all the stress inside me 😀

  2. Bruno

    Thank you for sharing the pics! =)
    My de-stressing routine is based on home made lunch and dinner, good wine and a nice cigar from time to time. It’s working fine!

  3. I’ve recently learned that no matter how I try to escape stress it usually will keep on coming in so many ways and forms. I used to go towards my music work, mixing, production in order to de-stress until it became a habit and I got used to it, hell the stress got used to it. But lately, with new forms of stress shoving themselves into my life, I found out that the best way sometimes is to let the phase pass, let the emotions, thoughts flow through you and something will happen when you least expect it and will lift you up.

    I’ve learned to vent things in a way or another, and I’ve been blessed with people who support me while I’m in that state and they don’t know it sometimes but they do lift me up with the smallest of things and the briefest words.

    In the end it goes down to the simple things, we humans like to complicate and over-think, we love that pattern since our mind has so much potential and is so vast it just grows and grows at these moments feeding from our fears and the scenarios we create in our heads.

    Try this: when ur in bed at night, right before you sleep, focus on your breathing, slow it down slowly and imagine it as a cloud going inside you and outside as u inhale and exhale. Then focus on the silence between the sounds you hear outside…try this and let yourself sleep…it releases you into your sleeping phase & feels good 🙂

  4. @chezfavi

    working out and taking a nice long shower afterwards. works like a charm!
    (beautiful beautiful pictures, btw!)

  5. danajojo

    ummm to de-stress well I basically jump in my car (that’s not the de-stressing part this more like the over-stressing :P) and drive to see my boyfriend 🙂 I always have a great time when we’re together even if we’re just cruising around in the car or walking somewhere where the car exhausts do not suffocate us to death :P, watching some silly movie on TV that we’ve already watched a zillion times before hehe, cooking some yummy food, or just sitting on the balcony with our Almaza sometimes not saying one word just enjoying the company and enjoying the fresh air, at least what’s left of it.

  6. We practically have the same routine! 😀 I walk all over town so I guess hardcore pedestrian activity is my de-stressing routine 🙂

  7. Lulu Likes

    making out!! sexual healing.

  8. Kenan Hafi

    This was so fun to read/experience! I loved your slideshow, it really gave me what I was after when I stumbled on your blog in the first place: a glimpse of Beirut.
    But from a strictly artistic point of view, you placing importance on those things that routinely catch your eye that themselves are nothing particularly note-worthy such as a rusty gate and so on brings a level of intimacy that I was surprised to get out of the presentation. I can relate to this because of so many landmarks from my walks (I’m an avid stroller – helps the mind dream while awake) that I for whatever reason always seem to always focus on.

    I have it in my mind to return the favour to you one day by showing you my favourite Vancouver path with all its subtle nuances!

  9. Caroline

    Gym!!! Hard core work out, great music, and eye candy. What more can you ask for 🙂

  10. Joanna D

    Go cycling on that same corniche with my best friend 🙂 usually does the trick.. and this is a tested and proven technique that worked EVEN when there was certain “psychob****” involved 😛 IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

  11. Alex

    The house with the balcony you like right before the turn to Medical Gate; go by it at night when the interior it all lit up. Its is absolutely gorgeous. French colonial wainscoting and white/gold-leaf molding on the ceiling with a huge chandelier. The juxtaposition with the outside is breathtaking. Always wanted to go inside.

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  13. J the K (basically anonymous for now)

    Walking in the one of the nicest natures god has created. Lebanon is like the US. You find all aspects of geography but guess what….? Lebanon is the the size of one of the smaller states in the US!

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