come none of you ever told me about ouzi before?

I have just discovered ouzi for the first time.  Seriously guys?  How could you ever keep this from me?  I’m so disappointed in you! 😉

Ouzi Lebanese food

I think I'm in love.

 Ouzi Lebanese food

Just look at this! Rice..meat..nuts..wrapped in a delicious pastry!! So much yummy goodness 😀

You discover something new every day in Lebanon!  #iloveouzi!



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9 responses to “ come none of you ever told me about ouzi before?

  1. Sahtein! I can see you ordered these from some restaurant, you should try the homemade Ouzi, they’re 100 times better!! 🙂

  2. Asquared

    An ouzi sandwich ???? Wtf I’ve never seen such a thing! Ouzi is supposed to be a feist :p

  3. Make sure to eat it with laban! Yum!

  4. Fadi

    You need to go have a huge lunch in Hallab in Tripolis, they make wonderful Ouzi and Lahm Bi Ajin, honestly, everything they make is so yummy 😛

  5. Gina

    ouzi is more a Syrian dish . usually its huge and its filled with rice, meat, nuts, peas and carrots. yes its delicious!!!!

  6. joseph

    i didn’t think this dish was Lebanese

    but then again, some villages/areas in Lebanon have certain dishes whilst others don’t

  7. Riham

    :))) why did you remind me of this? I’ve had this twice in my life, a friend’s mom made it when I visited them. It is DELICIOUS.

  8. Carina

    Where can I get ouzi from in Beirut?

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