Welcome to Lebania

Would you register for a game designed to mimic war between tribes and political parties in Lebanon?

Lebania game

(click to enlarge)

Source: Lebania website

Lebania game

(click to enlarge)

Source: Lebania Facebook page

“…all Lebanese want war so lets do it on facebook?”

Seriously?  I wish people used their talents and resources for more constructive things..not to create games that glamorize war and conflict in Lebanon!  That is the last thing that this country needs!

What a waste!

* I found Lebania through an ad that was placed on a Lebanese blog.  Bloggers be careful with which ads you are allowing to appear on your blogs!



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19 responses to “Welcome to Lebania

  1. Ali El Dali

    Thats as pathetic as their lives…

  2. Zouzeta

    This is really sad….
    we should really invest our potential else where…
    let us hope one day they will….

  3. that’s just terrible. But I guess in a way people think there talents can’t be used anywhere else.

  4. Sherif

    That’s Karim Badra in the snapshot! Hahahahaha

  5. Nick

    Sucks huh! That’s either the darkest sense of humour out there, or put together by some neanderthals that were born in the last 4 years (or lived in a deep deep cave)

  6. Fascinating. And nowhere during the creation of the game did someone shoot their hand up and suggest that it just might be a bad idea, not one person had an inkling?…fascinating.

  7. Sean

    it’s alternative reality… chill ppl. why is it ok to have a game for US Marines to go kill people around the world but not a lebanese game?

    that being said, I agree on the bad use of real parties and names, that should have been a bit different.

    PS: what is it about Lebanese bloggers and wolf packing?? you all have the same point of view all the time? or is it fear of being reject by the “others” that let’s everyone agree, or the ones that disagree stay silent? just wondering, try not to “wolfpack” against someone who has a different opinion.

  8. Peter

    If it’s a joke it’s the funniest and most hilarious joke ever. If not, that’s JASBFL (just another step backwards for Lebanon).

  9. I think this can be placed on my list of stupid things people make/do. I mean really, how much hate can you or do you need to foster in a country. We are barely surviving as is with the divisions the religion has made, and now they want to foster that by making it “cool”.

    Next thing you know we will have live shot-outs…..

  10. Safe trip tomorrow lady..xx

  11. Nino

    I see it as a cool idea, and I admire how opportunists and creative the Lebanese are. Sadly such a game would not work anywhere else in the world except in Lebanon where you even find families divided into 3 or 4 different political ideologies.
    I bet all of you that posted here have voted to one of the parties at some time and I bet that all of you are currently supporting/running after some political leader “like everyone else”.. so don’t pretend guys.. just cheer up everyone.. It’s just a game !

    • Well… I have never voted for any party or leader in Lebanon. Also I currently support none of them. I understand that this makes me neither part of the problem nor the solution but I refuse to only have “A” or “B” as option.

      One shouldn’t generalize. Just saying.

  12. This is by far the STUPIDEST thing I’ve ever come across… Yeah this is JUST what we need… To get the young generation of gamers in Lebanon playing idiotic brainless war/strategy online games that pit religious groups in Lebanon against each other… Pathetic.

  13. Grace

    I agree with Sam. This is the saddest, most retarded thing I have ever come across till date. Here we are trying to make the world a better place, and then there are people like this genius who come up with this “bright idea” to make this messed up game that only continues to divide people & get them to fight one another. What kind of example are we setting here????? If you want to do something useful with your time, you should do something that makes a positive difference. Otherwise just don’t do anything at all!!
    Our ability to have an open mind & our maturity level just keeps impressing me by the day. (sarcasm)

  14. But isn’t cool that there’s someone that’s turning all that negative energy into a silly game?
    Make games not war!

  15. Jad Estefan

    People. wish luck for the creator, at least some lebanese guy did something…. not just like all of you waisting time and TLETLOT hake all day long.

    but this is the tipical ghirit el lebneniyeh that is writing bad comments

    Jad Estefan

  16. ali

    who is behind it?

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