Space is good…

Or at least that’s what they say!

Remember when I took some space from Beirut not even two months ago?  Well, as it turns out..ten days wasn’t enough..

So as of 4:45 am Friday morning, I will be en-route back to Miami for two and a half months of pure rest and relaxation..(and maybe a little fun! ;))

I need a break

My thoughts exactly!

Don’t get me wrong,,this past year and a half has been really has.  But you all understand when I say that I’m a bit exhausted, right?  Beirut does that to you somehow..I just need to go home for a bit and recharge my batteries.  Come late August I will be back in Beirut..fresh and like new!

But not to worry!  I fully intend on keeping this blog alive and well during the next few months.  I’ll still be blogging about Beirut and Lebanon in general..but with a few posts about Miami, Trinidad, and Montreal (all places that I will be this summer) mixed in.  I hope you don’t mind!

But before I go..I want to share with you something significant that happened to me yesterday.

I said goodbye to my charming Hamra apartment..the place that I’ve called home for the past year.  And to commemorate it, I took a couple of pictures so that you could see where I’ve been living!

There are definitely some things I will the proximity to everything..and some things I won’ the construction site right outside of my window!

Apartments in Beirut, Lebanon

Bye Bye Bedroom! As much as I'll miss how comfy you were, I won't miss the construction site right outside of my window!

Apartments in Beirut, Lebanon

Bye bye miniature sea view! were umm.. great!!

Apartments in Beirut, Lebanon

Bye bye gas stove! Even though I didn't use you all that were good to me nonetheless!

Apartments in Beirut, Lebanon

Bye Bye water heater switch. I definitely won't miss you! (Funny story: My roommate got tired of burning herself every time I left the hot water on by accident..hence the ON and OFF!)

Apartments in Beirut, Lebanon

Bye Bye living room..and bye bye MOBI!! You were both decent!

Apartments in Beirut, Lebanon

Bye bye "other balcony" view! You were...charming


As I was packing up all of my stuff, I couldn’t help but feel like a chapter of my life was over.

Moving to Lebanon

It's crazy how your entire life can be packed up into four bags in less than a day..

..But you will be happy to know that I’ve already secured an apartment for when I return..

but this time.. GEMMAYZEH!  That’s right!  I’m getting out of Hamra to explore other parts of this enchanting city.  Be very proud.

Anyhow, here’s to hoping that everyone has a fantastic summer..whether you’re spending it in Beirut or abroad.  See you in a few months!


– Dani..



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44 responses to “Space is good…

  1. Fadi

    ohhh have a safe flight and enjoy your Summer vacation! 😀 looking forward to your next posts 🙂

  2. aspergillose

    Ma tsefreh 😦

  3. TD

    Good luck Dani! Enjoy the summer! 🙂

  4. Joe

    aint no sunshine your gone 😦

  5. lol i can imagine my two months vacation in lebanon after a year in montreal… this should be freaky…

  6. Good luck on all endeavours. Enjoy your vacay. Congrats on new apartment. And I have one thing to say that I noticed: You don’t have to feel apologetic or bad about wanting to get away… we all seek to get “away.” No one will hold it against you and if they do- they should really sit down and reflect. Anyway, thats how it comes off- I could be wrong- but don’t feel bad about whatever choices you make.

  7. Nick

    good luck and maybe we’ll bump into each other in Montreal- or on the plane to Lebanon…

  8. lau

    wow, what do you do that you get 2 1/2 months vacation????

  9. Sietske

    We will miss you. Make sure you do come back in August

  10. hehe, i know how you feel! i am leaving with kids to Copenhagen soon for 5 weeks!!! yeah!!!! i also need space form beirut, noise, pollution, stupid politicians, gaz station explosion (just next to our house), school rhythm and …. “see you” end of summer!

    • Wow, Copenhagen! You must be so excited! There was a gas station explosion next to your house? I think I heard about that! Oh noooo! Well, here’s to wishing you a great vacation. Seems like we both need it!

  11. I can’t help but understand what you are going through. Beirut does suck you dry at moments. Enjoy your vacation. Will be looking for future posts about the places you’ll be visiting

  12. Enjoy your vacation 🙂

  13. I can’t wait to get away for two months to recharge as well! Sometimes it is definitely needed. That’s exciting that you’ll be coming back to a new neighborhood though. You’ll be starting fresh instead of coming back to the same old thing.

    • Yes..most definitely! I’m really excited about that actually..I think I was beginning to get bored of Hamra as well. The thing about is (at least for me) is that you just end up staying there and not venturing to other parts of the city coz Hamra is just so convenient! Everything you could ever need is there! But I’m happy I found an apartment before I left..makes me feel better about coming back! 😀 Have a great summer Lindsay! Are you travelling at all?

  14. We will miss you in Beirut D 🙂

  15. Did I read Montreal? You’ll fall in love with the city ;- ) I would suggest visiting before the end June to catch all the festivals. Beirut will miss you ):’

    • I knooow! I’ve heard such great things about Montreal! Can’t wait to see it for myself finally… I think I left it to the end on purpose! So that I don’t have a choice but to leave! 😉 Coz if I had gone now, I probably would’ve wanted to extend my stay.. 😀

  16. Enjoy ur break sweety. You will be missed.. hurry back! 😉

  17. gonna miss u sweety…I felt a bit sad reading this…but hey I totally get what ur saying…I always talk abt it myself! Recharge and have an amazing time….release all the tension…you deserve the break. Its amazing how you became such a huge part of us here….:)

    • Awww Gaby! Thank you! Yes, I will miss you all..Lebanon is my home’s where my life is. But you know how it is..I just needed some space so that I can start fresh and new once again. I’m going to miss you, but I promise to be back! Give yourself a break too this summer! You deserve it!

  18. Have a Safe trip and enjoy your vacation!!! 😀

  19. You do realize that I did not get to see you before you leave, right?!
    I’m going to miss you!!!!
    Enjoy your long long vacation… It is exactly what you need after the eventful winter and spring you’ve had!
    Love you loads!!

  20. I didn’t now you lived right across me! I live in that building next to your miniature sea-view!! Anyway I hope your enjoy your vacation 🙂

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  22. Isn’t this in Citi Apartments? In Abdelaziz Street? It looks very familiar.

  23. Oh sorry, and I wish you a fun summer vacay and great that you’re returning to an apartment in Gemmayze 🙂

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