Meet the newest addition to my family..

I haven’t had a pet since I was 5 years old..when my family found out that I was allergic to practically all animals with fur.  (Giving away my cat Sofie still haunts me to this day! :()

Me and my dog mushroom cut..and my cat Sophie. (Don't you just love old pics?)

A few months after I moved to Lebanon, my Mom decided that she wanted to get my brother and sister a dog.  And although I’m allergic to her (I’m sneezing as I type this)..I just can’t get enough of how adorable she is!  It’s only now that I understand how people get so attached to their pets.  They seriously become a part of the family. 😀

So, without further my new dog..Bella!

My dog Bella

Isn't she just adorable? I've been playing with her since I came home!

My dog Bella

cuite patoootie!

My dog Bella

She even drives!

Do you have a pet?



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12 responses to “Meet the newest addition to my family..

  1. Fadi

    hahaha I love the last picture! such a cute dog! 🙂
    and no, no pets, would love a dog pet but I wouldn’t be able to take care of it alone

  2. I’ve got 3… This is why you’ve never been to my place! lol

  3. Oh nooo! It’s really cute, but a male or female??? Can’t tell with pink and blue ribbons heheheh :-))

  4. Ya, ya, it’s a she… that likes blue!!! hehehe 🙂

  5. someguy

    I don’t have a pet ..YET but I always wanted a black cat!
    its a shame you have such an allergy


    I have 4 doggies, a cocker spaniel and 3 beautiful huskies. I adore dogs =)

  7. she’s the cutest thing everrrrr 🙂
    i have jo pets coz mom cant stand animals running around the house :/ though my cousins and I once rescued a dog and kept him in an empty apartment at my aunt’s building 😀 we used to steal food for him from mom’s and aunt’s kitchens hehehe well until we were busted and we had to let him go 😦

  8. She’s adorable!!! My dogs do the driving thing as well. The yorkie – Denis – always jumps to the front of the car and puts his paws on the steering wheel, and freaks out when he realizes the car honks every time he does it.

  9. Oh, she is so cute. I want a chihuahua badly

  10. AlainLb

    0o is it real?

  11. So cuuute! I’ve always wanted a dog!
    I have 2 cats 🙂

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