This is (White) Beirut wait. White is now Iris,,and the old White has moved to Dora Seaside and changed its name to White Beirut??

Umm..yeah ok. That’s difficult to understand even when you’re sober!

So White Beirut is opening, normally I wouldn’t report on such things,,but I really like the video they produced (even if they stole my tagline!). It not only captures the sentiment of what summer in Beirut is all about (whether you like it or not) – Rooftops, tan bodies, shots, designer clothing, and hangovers (and maybe a bit of botox)..but it also gives a pretty accurate sense of the prevailing “carefree attitude/partying mentality” that defines Beirut right about now.

Watch it to see what I’m talking about.

Thanks for the heads up on this Roy S!



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13 responses to “This is (White) Beirut

  1. Youssef Chaker

    wow! i actually like the video, pretty awesome 🙂

  2. The narrative is getting a bit old, though.

  3. The first thing I thought about when reading your post is: so it’s okay for a club to advertise beirut this way but not okay if the ministry of tourism does ? Yes White is a party place, but it is essentially selling you the idea of Beirut (notice that White is only mentionned once in the entire ad).

    I never understood what the entire uproar about the Lebanon blues ads was (no I don’t think they were sexist, feel free to flame me), and this post makes the whole thing even more confusing.

    Back to the ad, it looks stale and bleh to me. Take a bunch of cliches, insert them into random Beirut scenes and put some boring music in the background, and you get yourself a White Beirut ad.
    I guess creativity is not our strong-suit anymore.

    • Yet, at the end,,you do realize that it is promo for White Beirut. Hell,,the name of the video is This is White it’s not misleading! I stand by my opinion, that for a nightclub, this is great work. 😉 Remember the source of the video here. 😀

  4. ……What is WHITE?.White is like Beirut pulsing with energy oozing with style attracting one of the most cosmopolitan crowds this side of the Mediterranean..For five unforgettable months this legendary rooftop restaurant lounge located atop Beirut s iconic Al Nahar building invites guests to soak in the finest fusion cuisine the sassiest beats and its trademark 180 o seafront views..As night falls the decks at White bring their own surprises to the mix hosting a who s-who lineup of world famous acts and international DJs who come to rock the house..White is best experienced in the heat of the night when the ambience views and music conspire to dazzle your senses. For those wanting to live Beirut s most exuberant season only one place is high enough to take it all in..Enjoy the show…DETAILS.Address Al Nahar bldg 8th floor Beirut.

  5. Afif

    This is a pretty overmilked cliche and they try to make clubbing look like it’s not an everyday activity (ok every weekend for most people lol)
    I don’t know how often you go out in Miami, but does this impress you? I’m thinking the people this would appeal to is the Lebanese people in the khaleej who wouldn’t party for months and then fly to beirut??
    It makes us look as useless as Jersey Shore ppl.. so embarassing

  6. Loulia

    In Beirut, 95% of the population cannot afford to go clubbing.

  7. RB

    hello no White didn’t steal your tag line. The Resident Dj of White produced the song This is Beirut back in 2006 and it has been their slogan ever since 🙂

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