A taste of Lebanon in Miami..

So, my stepaunt stopped by this evening and brought us some Lebanese food she picked up at a place called The Daily Bread in the HEART of Miami.

While quite different from what I’ve had in Lebanon (I think I can safely say I know what Lebanese food is supposed to taste like!)..it was nice to have some kibbeh, hummus, tabouli, and grapeleaves after a month of only American fare.

Oh, did I ever mention that my stepfamily is Palestinian? That’s why my stepaunt was buying this food in the first place..

Yep, both of my stepfather’s parents were born in Nazareth. They then emigrated to Cuba seeking better opportunity in 1908..and stayed there for some 60 or so years before emigrating again to Michigan when Fidel Castro became too much to bear. After about 10 years in Michigan they were fed up of the cold,,and decided to head south towards Miami! ..and here they are today. The Farah Family. From Palestine, to Cuba, to Michigan, to Florida. Interesting huh?

When I think about it, between my step family, and my backwards Arabic tattoo, I had quite a few Arab influences in my life before deciding to move to Lebanon.. 😉


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19 responses to “A taste of Lebanon in Miami..

  1. lonelyinleb

    and i for one am grateful for those influences… it’s like it was written, and your path was always going to take you to the magical middle east 😉
    good times.

  2. Hehe, a month of only American fare? Sounds like it’s time for a de-tox! 🙂

    And wow that must’ve been a shock—Cuba to Michigan (Dearborn, I presume?) and then to Miami. Maybe your destiny is similar? Perhaps you will live somewhere cold next before returning to the sunlight later in life..

  3. Stephanie

    We do have an interesting background.. But I’m proud to away say that I’m Lebanese … Cousin you got some Farah blood in u! represent for us!

    Ps that meal last night was amazing

  4. Stephanie

    Always* ops

  5. Hehe this is cool 🙂 Oh and now that explains your mom’s last name! 🙂

  6. That explains a lot. I am glad for the middle easter influence, I got to meet you

  7. Rob

    I wish we had ready made Tabouli in NJ!

  8. Wow I remember Daily Bread when I was a kid, on 17th Avenue next to my house. I moved to Beirut too, so now I miss my Pan con Bistec y frijoles negros!

  9. Moe

    I just came across this blog and I really like it….I am Lebanese and spent few months in Miami…..Daily bread was one of the few places I liked.

  10. Carl

    love that place, but dailybreadmarketplace.com is the correct website 🙂

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