When online goes offline..goes back online

As much as new media is experiencing an explosive growth in Lebanon, print/traditional media still reigns supreme. Someone once left a comment on my blog claiming that Lebanon has the most local publications per capita in the entire world! While I have yet to verify this, it really doesn’t surprise me. Walk into any bookstore and the amount of local publications for sale is truly staggering!

Lebanese publications

for example....

That being said, it’s really nice to see local magazines like RAGMAG and Communicate taking an interest in the Lebanese blogosphere and giving us “print time” so to speak. I want thank RAGMAG (@RAGMAGLebanon) and Liliane from Lebanon Aggregator (@lebagg) for introducing a permanently monthly column dedicated to the Lebanese blogosphere..and for featuring my blog this month. Really, I feel so thankful to be alongside some of the best bloggers in the sphere..Rami of Plus 961, Sietske of Sietske in Beirut, and Marie who contributes to The Cube.

It’s so funny blogging about a column that features blogs! When online goes offline, goes back online! 🙂

RagMag Lebanon


RagMag Lebanon

RagMag's World Vision

RagMag Lebanon

The write about about Sietske..

RagMag Lebanon

The write up on Rami..

RagMag Lebanon

The write up on meeee!

Rag Mag Lebanon

Best Cube Review..



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6 responses to “When online goes offline..goes back online

  1. Thx for the mention 😀 Loving this too!

  2. Totally agree about Communicate and RagMag. These are great initiatives and it can only increase and get better. Missing you loads 🙂

  3. fail title 😛 lol nice post though

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