Was Baalbek once a landing site for ancient aliens?

So my Mom came to me this morning talking about something she saw on The History Channel a few nights ago – that there is speculation that the foundation of the ancient city of Baalbeck was constructed by extraterrestrial life.

Yup. That’s right. Aliens.

After some research, it turns out that she wasn’t lying, and that this is actually a widely held belief! (It’s funny that the Nakhal tour guide never mentioned anything about Baalbek being the “place where alien beings first arrived” when I visited the site earlier this year with my family! Shame Shame!)

What interests ‘ancient astronaut theorists’ is not the Greek and Roman ruins (which date back 9,000 years), but the foundation of the site..which, according to them, date back tens of thousands of years. The megalithic stones, which comprise the foundation of the site, have led them to believe that this base was once used as a ‘space port’ landing site for extraterrestrials. This is mainly because they cannot explain how these massive stones, which weigh between 800 and 1200 tons, were moved into place with such geometric precision that even today’s modern machinery cannot replicate. Apparently, the stones at the foundation of Baalbeck are some of the largest, heaviest, stones that have ever been used in human construction on the planet!

Not only that..but, according to the episode, which aired as a part of the series ‘Ancient Aliens’ on the History Channel, ..Baalbeck has been known as “the landing place” since Sumerian times. In The Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh claims to have “seen aliens descend and ascend from Baalbeck – the landing place.”

Watch this video from 7:25 to see the part of the episode on Baalbeck.

So, what do you think? Do you agree that the foundation was once used as a landing site for ancient aliens? Have you ever heard of this theory about Baalbek?

(If you’re interested, I managed to source some other videos from YouTube about ancient aliens (and giants) and the construction of Baalbek)


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30 responses to “Was Baalbek once a landing site for ancient aliens?

  1. Actually it’s the other way around, Aliens originated from Lebanon…

  2. Haha, nice find! Never heard about this. “Wonders of the World list” here we come šŸ˜›
    Anyways, I remain skeptical and call BS. Google any ancient site + “built by aliens” and you’ll get search results: the pyramids, stone henge etc.

  3. really nice !! and interesting …
    btw for next time you can embed the youtube and let it start at a specific time so for example this video will be like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwWZzReSKLY&feature=player_embedded#t=7m25s

    just when u copy paste embedded code add @ the end t=7m25s

    keep it up šŸ™‚

  4. mazen

    I think the aliens story is a joke but this also show us that it was build by locals and not greeks or romans since we dont see any huge and 1 pcs stones in their other historical site

  5. Youssef Chaker

    What I like is when they something like “if this couldn’t have been built by modern tools, who or WHAT could have built them?”. I mean really? REALLY? In the first part of the first video that talked about Ethiopia, it says that the legend says that Angels built the churches at night while humans were asleep. And then one guy says, well angels don’t exist, then it must have been aliens. REALLY? That is the ONLY explanation?

    To me, when someone is explaining a certain theory, my first reaction is to figure out WHO is that person. What strikes me the most is that none of the people that talked in the whole clip from the History channel are civil engineers. Now wouldn’t you think that a civil engineer would the most qualified to talk about big stones being moved or massive building being built?

    Coincidently enough, I watch a show a few weeks back that might shed some light on some of this stuff. The show gathered experts in different field to solve a famous heist. These experts were a police investigator, a civil engineer, a anthropologist and a couple others. They set out to try to understand how one of the pyramids in Egypt was robbed by a gang of thieves. Their answer wasn’t that aliens did it while humans slept. They actually tried to understand how it was done instead of saying that it was impossible. And one obstacle the thieves had to overcome was a massive block of unbreakable stone that was placed on top of the pharaoh’s tomb. They first questioned how could the egyptians at the time have placed this block of stone on top of the tomb to seal it after burying the pharaoh in the first place. The answer they came up with based on evidence is that the block of stone was placed there before the tomb was sealed. It was held up by 2 chambers (one on each side) of sand. Once the pyramid construction was done and the pharaoh was buried, the tomb was then sealed by emptying the chambers of the sand which then lowered the block of stone. Using logic and engineering skills, those experts figured out how that block was put there in the first place (which others would claim instead that it was the work of aliens). The other challenge was to figure out how the robbers than lifted that block of unbreakable stone to penetrate the tomb. And well, the answer was that they didn’t. In fact they used the technique of water and fire to weaken the stone. By apply water then fire (both items were available at the time) repeatedly on the stone, it got weaker and then became breakable.

    Here we have an example of people who tried to use knowledge and logic to come up with a plausible solution vs people who just say something like “no concept of moving stones of that nature”!! how would YOU know???

    I’m sorry, but people who choose to give up all reason and surrender all possibility when they do not have the answer and attribute everything to some higher being just make me mad! So… I have watched Transformers and Aliens vs Predator and I see them for what there are, fiction. Did you notice how they say ‘the fallen angels’ when referring to the aliens? …. “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, anyone? anyone?

    MEH! then again, what do I know?

    • Youssef
      No way some little fire and wter are gonna break a stone! Mybe after 20 years, If you light a fire jn a confined rea, what air do the thieves then breathe? Go back to the drwing board! And yes, Aliens probably built Baalbeck

  6. Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter? Would love to follow you there, I’m on my iPhone and love reading your stuff!

  7. Rabbit

    Too many are so arrogant to really think that we are the only creatures in the universe – how stupid can they be – I have seen it with my own eyes and know that it does exist.

  8. Thetruthisstilloutthere

    Guess Youssef Chaker never heard of Coral Castle which was built in FL by Edward Leedskalin with a so called simple pulley system and a mysterious black box along with a mechanical room that was both destroyed. In his personal journal he claimed that he knew how the egyptians built the pyramids and it wasn’t using stupid sand. TRY more like magnetism that could alter the rocks weight or its physical dimensions itself. How did he come across that knowledge? He believed that “Sweet 16” would come and many assumed that it was lady from europe but later evidence shows that it may have been code for other beings. Sadly he died and took the secret with him.

  9. You absolutely have a point there, I have never thought about it like it like that before.

    You make it sound so provocative. I am going to have to inquire about this more!

  10. I believe the well documented Samarian stories provides a scientific basis for the wild stories at the root of all long standing religions of the world. For example, the wild stories in the Bible of, for example, God creating man in his image, and angels mating with humans giving birth to giants, great aerial battles (to name just a few) are consistent with other ancient religions around the world. There are too many ancient sites, dating back tens of thousands of years which really are, which truly are unexplainable. These include Balbec, ubekli tepi, tiwanaku, and the giant platform underneath the temple mount, among others. Not only are the construction techniques beyond our understanding and our ability, the apparent reason for the existence of these sites is beyond our comprehension. The Epic of Gilgamesh gives the only logical explanation for the ancient landing places. The first scribe, Enoch, also left a wealth of fantastic information. Clearly, after emerging from the dark ages, modern civilization is slowly re-learning ancient truths. Our own government has quietly spent billions of dollars (which we can’t afford) on the kepler telescope to study only one tiny region near orion’s belt. This is because of the ancient clues left around the globe, including the layout of the pyramids on both Giza and at Teotihuacaan. According the Stitchin, the Annanaki will return to earth before the next zodiac period begins, before roughly 2100 AD. This is consistent with the Bible and other religions. Gods or advanced extraterrestrials, think of them however you prefer. It’s much stranger than fiction.

    • cybil

      The truth is we have many explanations on how these stones were moved, they are actually used as a retaining wall to keep the soil erosion from destroying the temple, if you actually use logic and do some research you would find out that the romans and greeks moved many stones that were up to 1000 tons, they were very good at it. The Romans became very very good at moving large stones, as they became very obsessed with huge egyptian obelisks and would bring them back to roman cities from egypts this was a very very far distance compared to baalbek which has its stones brought from a local quarry within a few miles distance. I don’t know why there is this large mass of ignorant people thinking that humans cannot possibly have moved large stones in ancient times, Clearly it was very possible for ancient civilizations to do this as the examples around the world are so numerous that it makes no sense to say “LIEK OMG ITZ TEH ALIUMS DAT DID IT!?!” Instead of just assuming something because you watch a very poorly made show on the history channel (Which is the worst place to get truthful information about actual history from) Do some honest research, look at other anicents sites like the temple mount in israel where it common knowlege that the jewish/roman king herod rebuilt to temple mount and had stones just as large as the ones at baalbek moved with roman and local technology available at that time.

  11. Ani

    i Saw that ancient ruin in lebanon if you stand near on that huge Stone your just like ant, it has perfect cut i don’t know how they cut and move that stone without the aid of technology, i believe is done by ancient people with the help of ET’s. Only blind people who would not believe on it, the evidence is everywhere pyramid can be found around the world even under the sea. Even our modern technology can’t build something like that

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  13. zinco

    Lebanese are stupid enough to take ancient aliens seriously? Makes sense considering how obsessed they are with religion. Google images “ancient aliens meme” and welcome to the internet.

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  16. Acid

    I saw the episode on tv too, and was intrigued. So, I read the Gilgamesh, both versions. No mensioning of ‘landing sites’, ‘space rockets’ or planets. What a disappointment, the ancient astronaut people make things up.

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  19. jim

    perhaps Eric von daniken claimed the same thing in “chariot of the gods”

  20. Mark of the Wild West...

    Humans moved the stones… The “Aliens” had nothing to do with that. That’s why they made human to begin with. That is to do the heavy lifting!

  21. Rex A. Waugh

    they were here but took the technology with them when they left. there children’s children may return someday

  22. naim kanaan

    one question can be asked WHERE are those tools or machines or whatever that built those sites not only baalbak but even the pyramids ……. and every ancient sites

  23. naim kanaan

    one question can be asked WHERE are those tools or machines or whatever that built those sites not only baalbak but even the pyramids ā€¦ā€¦. and every ancient sites

  24. Olteanu Florin

    What is the name of Ba’alBeck in sumerian ? Thank you !

  25. Drdarkmatter

    The smoking gun for extraterrestrial visitation in my opinion.

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