This is Beirut is back..with a vengeance!

You read right. This is Beirut is back!

Yep. You see, I had a break through yesterday..

I can’t let this blog go. I can’t let Beirut go. I can’t let Lebanon go.

Some things you just have to accept.

This is most definitely one of them.

Even though I moved to Trinidad and even started a new blog (I’m all over the place, I know. You don’t have to tell me)..I still feel like a part of me is missing – a big part. And since I can’t go back to Lebanon at the moment, keeping up with this blog seems like something I just have to do. I owe it to this blog, and I owe it to myself to continue what I started. I can’t walk least not now.

So..yesterday, I got in touch with my trusted friend, and comment extraordinaire – Youssef Chaker – and together we decided that this blog deserves to be kept..well..alive. This blog is not ready to be relegated to the annals of history just yet.

So..yeah..Youssef. I reached out to Youssef for the first time when I realized that his comments on this blog were oftentimes longer than my posts! Without fail, he always took the time to add a layer of insight and perspective to things that I just.. couldn’t..or had simply overlooked..and at times, he even challenged me to ‘do more’ when I was clearly off my game. “You’ve set a high standard for yourself Danielle, and you have no choice but to maintain it.” He would say..and as you can imagine, we quickly became friends. So, when it came time to decide whether I wanted to ‘relaunch’ this blog or not, I immediately got in touch with Youssef.. and thankfully (and without hesitation), he agreed to co-author this blog with me!



Youssef is back in Lebanon after a brief stint in Chile, and will be doing the ground work and most of the research.. I am in Trinidad (at the moment) and will be helping him to analyze, edit, and write about what we find that’s of interest..and together we will co-author This is Beirut! (I will also be blogging at This is Trinidad for those of you interested in life in the Caribbean..)

Excited? You better be. Like really. I know I am. And I’m pretty sure Youssef is too. 😉

For those of you who want to know a bit more about how we arrived at this decision,, and about the new co-author Youssef, visit our recently updated bio page – NOUS.

Hope you’re ready..cause..

It's on like donkey kong


Damn. It’s good to be back.


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41 responses to “This is Beirut is back..with a vengeance!

  1. WoOOOOOHOOOOOooooOOOO Damn glad to see you back girl! Always loved this blog 😀

  2. Great news 😀 glad you’re back and Youssef is co-authoring with you! Good luck guys

  3. WE LOVE YOU D 😀 and Wohoooooooooooo!

  4. Wohooo! Welcome back 😀

  5. This is the greatest news, I even refused to remove it from my favorite links, I knew you would be back!

  6. welcome back, i was getting tiered or rereading the old posts.. bring on the new stories cant wait..

  7. I’m glad you didn’t let go of the blog – other than it being a big part of your life, I think it is something that you can always get back to later on. And I think Youssef is an excellent choice – he is funny in and of himself and love that I am seeing him finally tonight!

  8. looking forward to reading… once in the blood, Lebanon does not go out!

  9. Fadi

    Well that’s an awesome surprise ! I thought my reader had gone crazy when I saw the update on “This is Beirut” 🙂
    Youssef can you do me a favor and.. shave your beard ? Having Dani’s face as a mental image while reading the posts has been a regular thing I (and I suppose many other readers) do. I like your writing and all, but come to picture you reading out the posts to us with that beard.. it’s just not the same man 😛

    • Dude, just keep on picturing Dani… with or without beard, she’s the one you want to have a mental image of. Although, you do realize how creepy that sounded, right? 😛

    • bahahhahahahhah! You’re FADI!! You’re hilarious! hahahahhaha

      Well, what about the female readers?! Maybe they like beards? Have you ever thought of that? huh? huh? huh? hahah

  10. Yes! I hardly tweet anymore and miss ya girl! But this, I get straight to my email.. So I won’t miss out! YAy! 😀
    Glad the blog is back up and running!
    I didn’t know there was a new blog as well.. I’ll have to check it out!

    • Please do check it out! Yeah I’m all over the place..I know what you mean about not tweeting as much sometimes gets in the way and it’s good to take a breather every now and again. Thanks for always being supportive! Really appreciate it!

  11. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy ! We started to get bored! Dan n Youssef forever! But this time we need interesting topics on Beirut and let’s try not to nag a lot … someone else is doing the job pretty well here loll

    • hahahah!! Ok Ok..the topics weren’t interesting before? Give me some suggestions then! Yes, we will try out best to keep it interesting, fresh, and light..there is enough nagging going on in the world! If you ever see/hear of something you want us to feature.. let us know! 😀

      • Hey Dan !
        I would suggest that your include polls in your blog, on specific questions related to your recent article.
        Further, I am personally interested in topics related to work environment in Beirut – how people really manage to afford all this luxury (cars, dinning, partying …) with a local wage. Also I am interested in foreigners view on the city! Why do they like Beirut so much? How long have they been here? Do they like Beirut because it’s really wonderful or because it’s a fun playground? Topics related to social dynamics between youth and people in general in Beirut.

        All your topics are always interesting to read Danni, now especially that we have a great contributor such as Youssef, it will be even more interesting to follow .

      • Hi Gass! First of all, thanks for your comment! Yes, including polls is definitely a good idea, and something we will be implementing soon. As for the work environment..have you checked out these posts:

        As to how people afford all of the luxuries..I have yet to figure that one out myself..but I think it has a lot to do with the fact that many young people still live at home with their parents, which allows them to spend their salaries on such luxuries. Also,..because of the extremely low wages,,many men have left their families in Beirut, while they go work in the Gulf.. They do it so that they can send money back to their families,..and provide for these luxuries. I wrote more about it here:

        As for foreigner’s view on the city..this whole blog is about a foreigners view on the city! haha! But I will see if I can get in touch with other foreigners I know and get them to contribute..

        For now, you should check out Lindsay’s blog..and Pete’s blog:

        Topics on social dynamics..yes we will try to get into the heart of those some more..they are always my favorite to write about, yet they are also the posts that take the most work..and discretion.. As they are more often than not, highly controversial. Anyhow, with Youssef on the team..there will be plenty of exciting things to look forward to this year!

        Again, thanks for your comment and support!

  12. Ali Harb

    A refreshing breeze from Beirut. I love you…..Lebanon.

  13. Hoooray!!! Back, and with co-bloggers! How about guest bloggers too?

  14. Sarine

    Awesome!!! I’m glad you’re back! This is one of the first blogs I followed 😀

  15. Welcome back and welcome to Youssef 🙂

  16. natasha

    Yayyyyy!!! Happyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Mabrouk 😀

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