Tomorrow We Will See – a documentary

Tomorrow We Will See offers a window into Lebanon’s flourishing creative culture through the perspective of ten Lebanese artists. In their own artistic ways, they have overcome decades of social and political instability and the uncertainties of what tomorrow may bring.

A common trait that unites the artists is their talent of using art as a tool for transcending sectarian divisions and encouraging freedom of thought.

A rock band’s thought-provoking lyrics, a poet’s description of time shrinking, an architect’s experimental manipulation of space, a novelist’s language of the female body, and a painter’s reflections on his choice of colors, reveal the process by which the featured artists transform ideas, sketches, spaces into vibrant and dynamic works of art.”

I can’t wait till this documentary comes out.

Watching the trailer brought tears to my eyes..something about it just tugged at my heart.

I looked up the filmmaker..and was interested to find that, “Soraya Umewaka is of Japanese-Lebanese descent, born in Tokyo; a graduate of Comparative Politics from Princeton University (2006) and a Noh actress (traditional Japanese theatre) who has performed at the National Noh Theatre since the age of 3. Through a lifetime of Noh training, she has attuned her observations of the nuances, symbolism and subtleties of expression found in the arts. Her cross-cultural documentaries are intimate personal portraits that unravel tales of the quest for happiness despite the pressure of various hardships, the uncertainties of tomorrow and a wide spectrum of socially constructed borders. Soraya’s works highlight the resilience and dignity of the human spirit in the face of adversity.”

Filmmaker Soraya Umewaka

Filmmaker Soraya Umewaka


I can’t wait to see your film Soraya.



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4 responses to “Tomorrow We Will See – a documentary

  1. cool, thanks for sharing! when/where can we see the documentary?

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  4. Madeleine Jalil Umewaka

    Hello Danielle,
    Thank you for your nice comments. You can view Soraya’s documentary ‘Tomorrow We Will See’ online–a documentary that challenges the sectarian divide in Lebanon from the perspective of 10 artists:

    Madeleine Abdel Jalil Umewaka
    (her mum and producer)

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