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Bread Republic

Ok, so if you haven’t figured it out already..I like to eat out..A LOT..

One of my favorites is Bread Republic in Hamra..

You can usually find me there on Saturday at noon (yes, in my sneakers), munching on scrambled eggs with feta and green pepper, and a bagel packed with halloum cheese, sundried tomato, and mint..

Oh, and how could I forget?!? cappuccino, with a double shot of espresso..


My sustenance for long days spent apartment shopping in Hamra!!

Delicious food made with quality organic ingredients..and the waitresses are cute too! ūüėČ

I didn’t manage to snap a photo at breakfast, but I got a few when I went for a late night snack..

Bread Republic Hamra


The Bread Republic menu - really, as unpretentious as it gets!

There is a GNC located right next to Bread Republic, and I had to snap a shot of their rather market inappropriate signage..

Come on GNC, you can do better than that!


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Lamest pick up lines in Lebanon so far..

  1. “Want to ride in fast car loud music?” – sent via¬†text
  2. “You don’t work out like a Lebanese girl” – while on treadmill
  3. “Wasn’t Miami built on coke?” – in response to hearing that I’m from Miami

Nothing can forgive bad game.

Yo game is lame!

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St. Patty’s Day in Beirut, Amsterdam, and Bangkok

One of my¬†colleagues at work just asked me what’s going on tonight for St. Patty’s Day.. ¬†That’s right, St. Patty’s Day has reached Lebanon!

It was then the that I realized, that last year, on this exact date, I was in Amsterdam..and the year before that I was in Bangkok!

Man, I get around.

My friends and I on the famous "I amsterdam" sign..

Young girls from CCF Orphanage in Bangkok, Thailand - where I volunteered last year..

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