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@Alextohme on the back of a bus!


Even when she's not here, she's here.


Sometimes getting stuck in morning traffic, and getting ripped off by a taxi driver isn’t so bad.. I mean, look who I spotted as a result!  @Alextohme..on the back of a bus!

We miss you Alex!


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Junk Mail.

*This is Miami – post 9.

It seems like my Mom is in a constant state of “clean up.”  Well, I guess that should come as no surprise seeing the countless things that somehow end up in our house.  Take these magazines for example..We receive around 2-3 everyday!  The below picture is of about a month and a half worth of magazines.  What a waste right?  Sheesh.

Magazines in the US

What a waste!


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Platinum Princess Leia

Hair Designers Lebanon

Platinum Princess Leia

I see billboards like this all the time.  This one happens to be in Verdun.  Do women really pay someone to make them look like that?

Talk to me fellas..what do you find attractive?  And is this it?


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Reading material..

One of my colleagues just came back from the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival..

Look what he brought me..reading material!


Cannes Lions Festival

Daily Publications from the Cannes Lions

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The things I learn while stuck in Beirut traffic..

So maybe, just maybe..getting stuck in Beirut’s traffic can be educational.

I learned a lot yesterday during my drive home from work.

1. Barney is coming to town!

Yes, the big purple dinosaur who taught me the song, “clean up clean up, every body every where, clean up clean up everybody do your share..” will be in Lebanon!!

Barney will be performing live at Palais Des Congres, and according to the event’s page, “Following his successful 1st Asian tour, Barney is back this time with a live-action stage show featuring the Backyard Gang in a medieval-themed, musical-fantasy adventure with kings and knights, an enchanted forest, dancing, a costume parade, and 20 kid-pleasing tunes.”

Sounds fascinating, does it not?

Barney in Lebanon


2.  Shisha is fattening!

That’s right..

Which is why, according to this billboard (sorry its kind of blurry, my iphone doesn’t have zoom..does the iphone 4 have it? it better!) starbuzz will be bringing diet shisha exclusively to you!

Diet Shisha in Lebanon

The text reads "Diet Shisha Exclusively Available at Starbuzz"

3.  There is a current battle between outdoor digital advertising providers..

they even set up shop right next to each other, although I have to say, Pikasso’s images are much cleaner, and crisper, than their competitors, K-zone..

Pikasso Digital Outdoor Billboards

Pikasso Digital Outdoor Billboards

Kzone Digital Outdoor Billboards

Kzone Digital Outdoor Billboards

4. Many Lebanese really don’t care about the harm they are causing to the environment..

Pollution in Beirut

Wow, just wow. REALLY?

What did you learn yesterday?


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