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ArabNet according to Gino, and the death of the traditional conference

ArabNet 2011

@SherifMango taking a picture of his QR code..

ArabNet 2011

@themanalyst getting ready for her photo opp!

I know I said I was going to write a recap of ArabNet 2011, but why even attempt that when we have the fantastical Gino (@ginoraidy) of Gino’s Blog, who wrote nothing less than 8 posts about the conference.  Of which, the best are:

Mobile Platforms Panel at ArabNet 2011

ArabNet Developer’s Day Feedback

ArabNet 2011 Day 2

ArabNet Day 2 Mobile Apps Panel

ArabNet Day 2 Group Buying Attitudes

ArabNet Day 3 Talking Revolutions

You’re the man Gino!

I will make a comment on one thing though..that ArabNet should rethink the structure of the conference.  Just like we are slowly but surely witnessing the death of traditional advertising, I think the same can be said for the traditional conference.  Sitting passively while listening to speakers regurgitate much of which we already know is just not going to cut it anymore.  Especially in the digital industry!  We wouldn’t be any good at what we do if we weren’t always uptodate on the latest trends, technologies, and consumer desires/needs/habits.  Correct me if I’m wrong here.

What would I like to see?

  • Definitely some speed networking events (Personally, I would’ve like to have met all of the other digital copywriters there,,but instead I met only one, and perhaps the best (the dapper @hishamwyne) because of ..you guessed it..TWITTER (and the wonderful @mich1mich in particular)..I also met @lebanesevoices because of you Mich!
  • Some ACTUAL workshops where randomly selected teams are chosen to work on a digital brief which they will then have to pitch to a panel of qualified industry professionals
  • As well as some talks by only the MOST qualified speakers on the future of our industry – what NEW platforms to look out for, NEW up-and-coming trends (stuff that cannot be found online) as PROVEN by research, and perhaps some career advice as to what we, as digital professionals, should be doing to increase our market worth and ensure that we remain on the forefront of developments in the industry (most recommended publications, who we should follow on Twitter, etc etc).
  • I also would realllly like it if the speakers had their twitter handles next to their names so that I can easily connect with them!

What are your thoughts?

Oh, and please.  The Gingerbread men have got to go!

ArabNet 2011

If you're going to serve Gingerbread Men, at least make sure they're good!!

And finally, this post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning my conference sidekick @natalieharake! It was fun making fun of the “I used to work at Facebook” guy with you!

ArabNet 2011

@natalieharake taking her photo at the Dubizzle stand..

Until next year my digital junkies..




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ArabNet 2011 – Developer Day

ArabNet 2011

Paparazzi at ArabNet

Ok guys..before I say anything, let me apologize for the lack of coverage of today’s event.  You see, the thing is,, today was Developer Day at ArabNet 2011..and as a result, most of what was going on was wayyyyy over my head..  But I did sit in a few of the Starter Talks if only just to hear the speakers say “Django” and “Ruby RubyonRails” (they’re programming languages I think!)  So, I’m making progress..slowly but surely!

Anyway, I will try my best to bring you some better coverage over the coming days, when I’m actually able to understand what is going on.  But for now, I hope you are happy with a few photos from the event, and a few of my live tweets!

ArabNet 2011

Omar Christidis founder of ArabNet opens the event

ArabNet 2011

The "Mobile Platform" Panel Speakers

The Panel on Mobile Platforms was about the only thing that I could understand..so here are some of my tweets (as well as one other from a Product Development Session)..

ArabNet 2011

My live twitter stream from the event

ArabNet 2011

The ArabNet program - this is as close to programming as I'll ever get!

And that’s about all of the pictures I took for Developer Day!  Shameful, I know..but bear with me!  I’m a copywriter! 😀

Before I left for the day, I managed to take a sneak peak into the Startup Demo and Sponsors Exhibition Area to get a sense of what ArabNet 2011 has in store for us tomorrow.  I managed to capture this interesting piece of hardware from the Third World Magic booth..most of the others were still under construction..

ArabNet 2011

A sneak peak at the Third World Magic Booth..hmm! I wonder what it does!!

For all of you developers out there (those who were at ArabNet and those who were following via Twitter/Live Streaming),,what did you think of Developer Day?  What insights did you gather?  Were you pleased with the panel of speakers and the topics discussed?  What is the next big trend in mobile?

Looking forward to being schooled by your comments!

Come back tmrw for coverage of day 2 (Forum Day 1) of ArabNet Shift Digital Summit!  And make sure to follow me on twitter for some insights from the conference: @meinlebanon


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