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Hobbit’s feet

Ok, so…I haven’t gotten my nails done since the week before I came to Lebanon..That would be about four months ago..YIKES!  I really think my feet are beginning to resemble hobbit’s feet..and with the onset of summer..this isn’t exactly a good look..

This is very unlike me, as before I came here I would religiously go about every two weeks..or as soon as I thought I needed it..

The thing is..my one experience in a beauty salon a couple of months ago was enough to turn me off from ever going back, and I have been doing my own nails and whatever beautification I need ever since!..Not the end of the world, I know…but here maintenance is veryy important.  For men and women alike.

You see, I was sitting there getting my hair done..and marveling how women come to the Salon dressed to the nines, whip out their cigarettes, sip on their turkish coffee, and chatter away..while four men (that was another shocker, to learn that being a hairdresser here is considered a “man’s job”)  cater to their every whim and fancy..

In Miami, we have this sort of code..that when you are going to get your nails done..you are allowed to look like crap, and to be anti-social..as its probably the first time in weeks that you have gotten a relaxing moment to yourself..I was hoping that same rule applied here..but apparently NOT.

So, I was sitting there taking this all in..and..I have to admit, I’m quite opposite to the Lebanese women in that, having four men around me looking at my split ends makes me,,well..rather uncomfortable..I kinda wanted to disappear and get out as soon as possible..

Well my feeling of unease and discomfort was amplified when a woman in all of her splendor, decided to check herself out IN MY MIRROR..and ask the men whether they thought she looked better as a blonde or a brunette..I mean, really?  I can’t chock this one up to “cultural differences” she had to know she was being a rather big B.

But as most of the people involved in some kind of service industry do..they gave in to her need for validation and politely replied..”Madam, you look beautiful no matter what color your hair is…”  all the while I rolled my eyes underneath the veil of my hair..

After  she left I moved my hair to one side and said, “Are they all like that?”  To which they replied, “You haven’t seen ANYTHING!”

All this to say, I can no longer rebel..If you know of a place that is comfortable, casual, and free from drama..Please..leave me their info..

I kinda want to be able to wear sandals.. 😉

Perfect de-motivational poster!


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That whole less is more thing, yeah..not in Lebanon!

These are some ads for local hair “designers” and beauty salons in Lebanon..

Your thoughts, please.

Joseph Saad & Eva Atallah Beauty Salon in Lebanon http://www.josephsaad.com/files/index.html

Michel Zeytoun & Colette: Hair Stylist & Make Up Artist in Lebanon

Tony Nabhan: Hair Stylist and Make up Artist


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