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Get the needle away from my lips!

What about this ad makes you want to get a tattoo on your face?


Make up tattoo

Wheeew! NO BLOOD? That's a relief!

I think I’ll stick with my lip plumper lip gloss thank you very much!


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Plastic surgery in Lebanon – on the decline?

A blog about Lebanon wouldn’t be complete without mention of plastic surgery and the looks obsessed.  Although there are some Lebanese women who still insist on looking like scary mutant clones  and walking around with their bandages still on (crazy I know), I think that increasingly, Lebanese women are refusing to succumb to societal pressures and embracing their natural beauty. (YAY!)

To all Lebanese women: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! 🙂

I mean, can someone explain to me the rationale for every woman wanting to look like a version of the below?

Nancy Ajram famous Lebanese singer

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