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I’m not a player,

I just blog a lot.

I love this shirt!


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What people don’t understand about Blogs..

So, I got to work this morning, eager to check if I had any comments on my posts..as most bloggers do..

And this was my most recent comment on the post “Pierre and Friends,”

New comment on your post “Pierre and friends..”
Author : Panini
E-mail : panini@yahoo.fr
URL    :

dear you have to slow down and stop bla bla, change the font and teh display of your blog and put nice pictures please

Naturally, I rushed to Unapprove/Delete the comment..

“I don’t want my viewers reading comments like this?!?” I thought..

But then, it came to me..who the hell is this dude to tell me what I need to do with MY blog..What font I need to use, what pictures to display?   Only my Momma tells ME what to do!  And so far, she seems to love my blog!

Now let me get this straight..I don’t mind critical posts on my blog when it comes to the actual content of the blog..If I’m wrong about something, or if you’ve had a different experience, please, CALL ME OUT.  My grandfather sends me grammar corrections all the time actually… But please, refrain from bashing the style and the design of the blog!   That’s like telling me I have no sense of style..which may be true..but it’s still MEAN!

I’m not a designer, nor am I a photographer.  Oh, and while we’re at it, I’m also not an official news source..

I’m just a 23 year old girl from Miami..who is living and working in Lebanon..

Aaaand..These are my stories, and my experiences, and I write them as I see them..plain and simple.

If you don’t like them, if my font disturbs you, and if you think my photos are shite..perhaps my blog is just not for you!


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Focus Group Crazies

I sat in on a focus group last night full of 16 year old Lebanese adolescents from what can be considered the upper crust of society..

When the moderator asked them what they thought about blogs and bloggers they had this to say:

“Blogging is for really really young people, like kids.. or old people.  For example, my Mom has a blog.”


Funny stuff..

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