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The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie

My friends have been telling me about this book called “The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie.” sooo naturally, I checked it out..Who wouldn’t with a title like THAT!


..well the pictures speak for themselves…

Remember tweetie bird..from your childhood? Yeah. He's back!

Answering the phone has never been so much..fun.

Umm....I don't even know what to say!

According to an article by the BBC,

“Forthright displays of the some world’s kinkiest “leisure wear” have long been a feature of Syrian souks – though many tourists don’t notice the crotchless knickers and PVC French maid outfits among the more traditional inlaid backgammon sets and textiles. It stems from the Syrian tradition for brides-to-be to be given a trousseau of exotic underwear – sometimes dozens of items – usually by girlfriends, aunties and cousins, to add spice to their wedding nights, honeymoons and beyond.”

The Syrians take lingerie to a whoollleee new level..

Tweetie bird? Cell phones? Butterflies?

Needless to say, I bought five copies of the book for all of my girlfriends back home. hahah Cultural education at its finest I’d say!


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How pimp is your…cell phone number?

For the record, paying for your phone number to have the numbers “69” ┬áin it doesn’t make any girl want to sleep with you.

Whoever started this trend obviously wasn’t getting any..

It cracks me up every time I pass a cell phone store and see phone numbers plastered on the glass like this one on Bliss street below..

Call Net in Hamra

Don't you dare pay for you phone number!


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