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Yay for small victories..!

I used a gas stove for the first time in my life this morning! ¬†Before you call me a spoiled princess, is it my fault that we don’t use gas stoves in the states anymore? ūüėČ

Of course I went through about 5 matches before getting the bloody thing to light up..and must admit, I was a bit nervous that at any moment, the whole room might erupt in flames, and me along with it..

But alas,,everything turned out just fine..including my morning coffee.  (Although, I have to think..how healthy is it to leak copious amounts of gas into your house everyday?)

gas stoves

My gas stove..and the Lebanese version of a kettle..

Satisfied, I turned to my left..and high-fived Mr. Obama..who keeps me company, while he sits there..chilling on the side of my fridge..

Obama magnest

Word up Mr. President!

Yay for small victories!


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Went to Napoletana pizzaria for a doppio macchiato on Friday night..you know..I needed some help before going out..
My job as a copywriter is veryy strenuous btw..
Anyhow, I was sitting there all alone, when the manager showed up with my order and five little cakes..
“Haram,” he must have been thinking, “She’s all alone.¬† Lets feed her cake!”
Cake. Replacing men since 1932.

At Napoletana

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