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“Lebanon” coming soon to DVD.

*This is Miami – post 13.

You know, I was really hoping to see the movie “Lebanon” while I was here.  I remember reading about it while I was in Beirut, but it was my Mom who mentioned it to me once I got home and told me that she would like to see it with me.  But after searching all of the cinemas in Miami, even the obscure Indie cinemas in Miami Beach, I still can’t find ONE that is screening the film!  What is up with that??  And the movie was released not even two months ago..??!!

I guess my Mom will have to wait until it comes out on DVD.  I wonder if it will even make it to Lebanon..does anyone know if it’s showing there?

This is so annoying!  Especially after reading a review in the Miami New Times titled Lebanon – the best movie of the year, where the author writes..

“Lebanon, written and directed by Samuel Maoz, is not only the year’s most impressive first feature but also the strongest new movie of any kind I’ve seen in 2010.” Read more here.


Well thanks for the help Fandango!


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What part of Trinidad yuh from?

*This is Miami – post 4 – Guest post by my Grandfather!

Yesterday we went to an Indian Restaurant, unable to resist the prospect of the amazing flavors we had been missing since leaving Trinidad in January 2009 to begin a new life in Texas.

The Palace Indian Resaurant Davie

Indian food at The Palace Indian Restaurant in Davie, FL

Danielle and Sandra (Danielle’s Mom) were with us.  We had just sat down when Sandra said, “I hear a Trinidadian accent.  I must go and ask her if she knows where to get a good roti (a staple Trinidadian food).  All this time Danielle was rolling her eyes and mocking what her Mom would say in a Trinidadian accent, “What part of Trinidad yuh from?”  And with that, Sandra got up and went to speak to the beautiful Indian lady, and sure enough, she was a “Trini.”

Miss Trinidad and Tobago

Miss Trinidad and Tobago '95

The minute the Indian lady turned around to greet us, I exclaimed, “I know you! You were Miss Trinidad (for the Miss Universe Contest).” You see, I never forget a pretty face!  “Yes, I was!” she said, “but in ’95! 15 years ago!”  Turns our she had moved to the US to 2 years ago. We couldn’t help talking about all of the foods we missed and Sandra compared notes about the best Indian Restaurants in the neighborhood and beyond!

We explained that Danielle had been a Miss Trinidad (Miami) not at all as prestigious a title, but a talking point nonetheless..Proof that Trinidadian girls are as beautiful as they are diverse, and believe me, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Tomorrow night, we will be back in Trinidad for two weeks, and yesterday was a preview in a way.  Tonight, Kathleen (Granny) will cook stewed chicken, macaroni pie, and rice and peas, Trini “creole” style and Danielle will tell you all about that experience!

“Vive la difference!”

Update – Granny’s cooking. 🙂

Trinidadian food



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Casa Romeu

*This is Miami – post 3

A staple in our household, Casa Romeu’s menu is never too far away.  Usually, after long weekends spent running errands and shuttling around my brother and sister to any one of their many practices – my Mom never feels to cook..and hey, I don’t blame her..let her rest!

..And I’m sorry..but..who wants to cook, when you can order this?

Cuban Food

Ordering in from Casa Romeu..!! A weekend MUST!

Pictured here you have:

Arroz y frijoles negros (you know what those look like!) -White rice and black beans

Bistec de pollo a la plancha con platanos maduros (2 dishes in top middle) – Grilled chicken with onions and fried plantains.

Rabo Incendido (middle dish on bottom) – Stewed oxtail

Churrasco con platanos maduros (on the bottom right) – Skirt steak with fried plantains.



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