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From Gemmazye to Miami Beach..

*This is Miami – post 5.

Power 96 Miami

Miami's most popular radio stations..96.5, 99.1, 100.7

I’ve been in Miami for 5 days, and must’ve heard this song 100 times!  It reminds me so much of when I first moved to Lebanon (in December) and used to go out to Gemmazye (specifically GEM) a lot- they would play this song all of the time!!..Ok, so maybe Miami is a bit behind in music..but still, it’s so funny hearing it here 9 months later.. 😉

I went on Power 96’s website and looked up the top 20, and sure enough, it is the number 2 most popular song on Miam’s most popular radio station.

Power 96 Miami

Top 20 countdown on Power 96 in Miami..Stereo Love is number 2..


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Casa Romeu

*This is Miami – post 3

A staple in our household, Casa Romeu’s menu is never too far away.  Usually, after long weekends spent running errands and shuttling around my brother and sister to any one of their many practices – my Mom never feels to cook..and hey, I don’t blame her..let her rest!

..And I’m sorry..but..who wants to cook, when you can order this?

Cuban Food

Ordering in from Casa Romeu..!! A weekend MUST!

Pictured here you have:

Arroz y frijoles negros (you know what those look like!) -White rice and black beans

Bistec de pollo a la plancha con platanos maduros (2 dishes in top middle) – Grilled chicken with onions and fried plantains.

Rabo Incendido (middle dish on bottom) – Stewed oxtail

Churrasco con platanos maduros (on the bottom right) – Skirt steak with fried plantains.



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No billboards, just blue skies!

*This is Miami – post 1.

Had to pick up my Grandparents from the airport yesterday..I forgot what it was like to see a highway without any billboards on it..Outdoor advertising really isn’t popular at all here!

Outdoor advertising Miami

No billboards (ok, maybe just one!)..just blue skies!


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