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From Gemmazye to Miami Beach..

*This is Miami – post 5.

Power 96 Miami

Miami's most popular radio stations..96.5, 99.1, 100.7

I’ve been in Miami for 5 days, and must’ve heard this song 100 times!  It reminds me so much of when I first moved to Lebanon (in December) and used to go out to Gemmazye (specifically GEM) a lot- they would play this song all of the time!!..Ok, so maybe Miami is a bit behind in music..but still, it’s so funny hearing it here 9 months later.. 😉

I went on Power 96’s website and looked up the top 20, and sure enough, it is the number 2 most popular song on Miam’s most popular radio station.

Power 96 Miami

Top 20 countdown on Power 96 in Miami..Stereo Love is number 2..


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Mayrig and Basement

You hhaaaavee to go to Mayrig restaurant in Gemmazye..

Armenian food at its finesttt..

I would talk about the dishes individually if I knew what they were called..but its just one of those places where EVERYTHING  is good..

You gotta go, check out their website by clicking here.

I went there before heading out to Basement last weekend..umm not exactly the best idea as I was feeling like a beached whale..but since I’ve never been to either place..I decided,,what the hell..I’ll give it a go!

Whooooaaa..what a venue!!  It’s a shame that the music is deep, dark house..I’m sure it has a proper name jungle, progressive…I don’t know ..anyway, I was excited to go there to, as I heard that it is one of the few places were people actually dance..I miss dancing..

but mannn…just wasn’t feeling the music yo.

Anyway..here are some photos of Mayrig..I’m slowly learning that pictures never do food justice!

Mayrig Armenian Restaurant

Mayrig Armenian Restaurant

This little lamb and cranberry thing was the bomb diggity..fo real.

Armenian desert..and what Lebanese make when women give birth..

Can you imagine eating all of this and THEN going out?!


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Ok, so maybe I’m part of the less than 1% of the population who doesn’t smoke here in Lebanon.  But jeeeeze, I wish that just for once I could go out with out smelling like an ashtray at the end of the night – is that so much to ask?

Apparently it is.

I was reading a couple of local blogs, and there was an anti-smoking initiative organized by the Rotaract club of Beirut called “Ain’t No Smoking Tonight” on October 28th of last year.  That’s right, only for ONE night.  Out of the 35 pubs in Gemmazyeh (a very popular area for bar hopping) that agreed to partake in the initiative, only a few actually stuck to it! Many of them just used the opportunity for free publicity, and allowed people to smoke anyway..

This picture sums up what the Lebanese thought of “Ain’t No Smoking Tonight”

Smoking in Beirut, Lebanon

What a mockery!

This is what local blogger and illustrator, Maya Zankoul, had to say about the night.  She designed the poster above..the images below were taken from her blog.

My new scent – Eau du Ashtray.

How attractive.


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