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Wow, more and more I’m realizing just how “quick to judge” I am..

One of my colleagues at work brought in a copy of the Aizone magazine/newspaper..and I didn’t even give it a chance..well I guess the tag line, “You don’t exist until someone talks about you” threw me off..as well as the name of the publication “Gossip.”

Aizone Lebanon

Gossip by Aizone

Aizone Lebanon

You don't exist until they talk about you!!

But, despite this, I flipped through the pages,,eager to see if this publication was something more than just another fashion magazine reminding me how not “with it” I am..

aaand..I was presently surprised to find feature articles like these two below..  One about Beirut’s lack of places to actually “dance,” as well as one about fashionable Eco friendly living..

Aizone Lebanon

Where do we Dance???

Aizone Lebanon

Eco friendly living

What do you think, have you ever come across it?  I think they should consider renaming the publication and changing the headline to appeal to a broader audience..truly, there were some excellent pieces in here!


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