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Kaak bi Knefeh

Remember when I said that that I didn’t like kaak?

Well, my colleagues convinced me I should give it another go, and ordered me a “Kaak bi Knefeh” this morning…

Let’s just say, I retract my previous statement.

Kaak Lebanon

Sinfully delicious.


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Byblos Part 3

So, we made our way back up to The Old City in search of the Manchester United vs. Chelsea game..yes..its true..football fans never take a vacation, and I happened to be in Byblos with some..To their delight, we managed to find a pub where the game was playing..

It wasn’t long before we realized that there were two Americans in the pub who had done the same..They were quite easily distinguishable from the crowd with their loud running commentary of the entire match..I had forgotten how obnoxious the American accent sounds!  Did I sound like THAT? My friends didn’t mind so much, and were quite impressed to find Americans who knew their ish.

Two Americans (well 3 with me included), in Byblos, watching a football match between two English teams..go figure.

Anyway, we were sitting behind them, when I got the idea to snap this photo..

The Americans watching the Man U v Chelsea match..

After the match, we headed back to Hotel Canari de Byblos to watch the sunset from our balcony..but not before spotting this rather odd sight..

"Oh no! My six inch silver heel is stuck in the cobble stone street!"

Where was this woman going with her bleach blond hair, silver pants, and high-heeled boots, at 5:00pm in the afternoon in BYBLOS!?  Did she not get the memo that she was walking around in the oldest inhabited city in the world, during Easter weekend?  Blasphemy I tell you!

Well, I didn’t know where she was going, but I soon figured out from whence she came!

Kookla - Place..Super Night Club

Who could think to put a SUPER NIGHT CLUB in Byblos!   To which someone would say, “well.. it is the oldest profession in the world..”

To which I would reply, “But still!”

Anyhow..after watching the sun disappear under the Mediterranean sea, we headed to Locanda, a Lebanese fusion restaurant located in the heart of The Old Souk..

Lychee martinis.  Minimal tech house.  Fusion Lebanese food.

I was blown away..(the service wasn’t all that good, but I attributed it to the garish costumes that the owner made the staff wear)..and immediately my friends and I started planning the logistics of throwing monthly events at this restaurant that reminded me so much of Miami..

When suddenly my friend turned to me and said, “Can you believe we are talking about minimal tech house, djs, and throwing parties when, in the distance, there are ancient ruins from 2,000 years ago?  Insane.”

The Old Souk at night..Laconda restaurant in the background..

The Old Souk at night..

To my weekend lover, Byblos..you were amazing!


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