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Imagine Lebanon WITHOUT women

It’s 2011, and Lebanese women are STILL discriminated against under many laws, including:
1-The Personal Status Law,
2-The Nationality Law,
3-The Penal Law,
4-The Labour and Social Security laws and Employees’ Laws and the Terrestrial Trade Law.

The law that I’m most familiar with is The Nationality Law.  Under Article 1 of the 1925 Nationality Law,  Lebanese citizenship is granted only to those born of Lebanese fathers..which essentially means that a Lebanese woman married to a non-Lebanese man does not have the right to pass on her nationality to her husband or her children, while a non-Lebanese woman married to a Lebanese man, is entitled to citizenship for herself and her children.

What does this mean?  This means that when it comes to the right of Lebanese citizenship, I, as a non-Lebanese woman, have more rights than Lebanese women..in Lebanon!!  This is UNACCEPTABLE and APPALLING, especially in this day and age, and Lebanese women have had ENOUGH of being treated like second class citizens.

To bring awareness to this issue, a group of enterprising young Lebanese women, have created a “No Rights, No Women” movement to make the Lebanese community and law makers understand how it feels to be a “half-citizen”.  On March 8th, International Women’s Day, the women and their supporters (myself included) will give up their “womanship” in favor of their “citizenship”. They will dress like men, act like men, talk like men, and even BE men.

They are urging all who support the “No Rights, No Women” movement… to dress like men and act like men in their universities, offices, in coffee shops, on the streets, and in their homes.

مواطنة كاملة، إمرأة كاملة. أو لا نساء على الإطلاق…

لسنوات عديدة عملنا نساءً (ورجالاً) وحاربنا من أجل حصول المرأة على حقها في المواطنة الكاملة. وحتى الآن لم نحصل على شيء. أعذار واهية إجتماعية، سياسية، وحتى دينية قدمت لنا. والمرأة هي من يدفع الثمن…

لذا قررنا، مجموعة شابات لبنانيات، التحرك من أجل جعل المجتمع والمشرع اللبناني يفهما ما معنى أن نكون “نصف مواطن”. في الثامن من اذار، في اليوم العالمي للمرأة، سنتخلى عن أنوثتنا لنطالب بمواطنتنا! سنلبس كالرجال، نتصرف مثلهم، نتكلم مثلهم، نمشي مثلهم، ونكون كما هم…

شاركن الحدث في جامعاتكن ومكاتبكن، في القهاوي والشوارع، وحتى في منازلكن…

سنتصرف كالرجال… فما المغزى من كوننا نساءً ما لم نحظى بكل حقوقنا؟

ودعوهم يتخيلون عالماً خالياً من النساء…”

The women behind the “No Rights, No Women” movement

No Rights, No Women

Natasha Maasri

No Rights, No Women

Roula Asmar

No Rights, No Women

Lea Salibi

No Rights, No Women

Rana Khoury

and although I am not Lebanese, I feel strongly for this cause.  So this is me, Danielle Baiz, pledging my support for women’s rights in Lebanon!  No RIGHTS, No WOMEN!

No Rights, No Women

Me thinking, "I wonder what Lebanon would be like without women."


WOMEN! Turn into men on your facebook page!  You can download mustaches and ties to add to your profile picture HERE!!! Make sure to upload your photo to the “NO RIGHTS, NO WOMEN”  movement, by clicking HERE!!!

Use the hashtag #norightsnowomen on twitter!

And read a personal appeal on Toom Extra’s blog.

Want me to add your photo to this post?  Email your photo to this.is.beirut@gmail.com.

No Rights, No Women

Women's Rights Supporter: Sandra Chaoul

No Rights, No Women

Women's Rights Supports: Natalie Dana Harake and Randa Adra


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Sexual Interpolation in Lebanese Society. Fact or Myth?

Disclaimer:  This is the first of a series of guest posts written by one of my readers who wishes to remain anonymous.  Due to the mature nature of the material presented in this post, this post is rated “R.”  Thank you and please continue reading!

Casual relationship, colloquially known as a “fling,” is a physical and emotional relationship between two people who may have a sexual relationship (a situation colloquially called “friends with benefits”) without necessarily demanding or expecting the extra commitments of a more formal romantic relationship..

In mathematics, Interpolation is a method of constructing new data points within the range of a set of known data points.

You might be wondering what “Interpolation” has to do with “casual relationships..”

And to answer quite frankly, there isn’t and shouldn’t be any correlation between these two terms. HOWEVER, when you add the catalyst: Lebanese girls to the equation.. then the experiment reacts much differently…

And the plot thickens….don don don..

Let me explain.  I believe I represent a small chunk of Lebanese guys that can be described by the following attributes:  late twenties, lives in Beirut alone, has a good job, is ambitious, likes to go out, enjoys the company of intelligent & beautiful girls, is definitely not a player, but who, for the time being, is not looking for a serious relationship.

All of the relationships that I’ve been in this past  year have followed the same trajectory:

Boy meets girl

Boy likes girl

Boy takes bb pin, Facebook or phone number of girl

Boy takes girl out

Boy kisses girl

Boy invites girl over for a DVD

Boy has sex with girl

Boy has sex with girl

Boy has sex with girl

Boy has sex with girl

Sadly enough this reality is fleeting.  Sooner or later, girl starts nagging on boy demanding more dates, seriousness in the relationship, saying things like “Where is this going?  What are we doing?  What do I introduce you as?”..which obviously causes the fun to come to a screeeeeeeching halt.

Casual Sex Lebanon

She's thinking "Where is this going?" He's thinking.."What the hell? We were just getting started!"

[photo credit]

Now, I was sitting in my office today (Mondays, I pretend to work but in reality I think of much more important issues such as this predicament) and I believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I believe I have uncovered a pattern in the sexual behavior of Lebanese girls, that, if correct, leads to a startling conclusion!

It is a fact that many years ago; sexual intercourse was a taboo topic in Lebanese society and amongst Lebanese women in general.

Currently sex is no longer taboo, and most Lebanese women are comfortable being physically intimate with their partner, yet they rationalize it to themselves by demanding serious relationships at some point..

Therefore, is it safe to interpolate and hypothesize, that in the future, Lebanese women will reach a point where they just want to have fun and venture into casual relationships without giving us any headache related to the more serious stuff? “What do you mean what do you introduce me as?  Introduce me as your friend!!”

If the laws of physics and math apply to women, then there is hope!

We just need to determine the amount of time in years needed to reach this next shift in sexual evolution. I for one hope it won’t take more than a few, because I want to enjoy it while I still can!


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