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Beautiful Lebanese Balconies

Lebanese Balconies

Lebanese Balconies

Lebanese Balconies

Lebanese Balconies

Lebanese Balconies

photos by Roy Saade.


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A moment’s notice..

Marching band Lebanon

Band or boyscouts?

Sometimes I only have a moment to capture certain scenes before they are lost forever..

Take this one for example..I was in the back of a service when I spotted this marching band (or are they boy scouts?) performing on the sidewalk in Verdun..but it was only when I uploaded the picture that I noticed the red lingerie in the background..

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Behind the FREAK

Hear Hear!

You gotta check out this new blog..another amazing addition to the Lebanese blogosphere…

What can I say about it other than he talks about things that we are all too afraid to talk about!

Behind the FREAK. Check it.  Click here.

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Sleeping beauties..

Ok, so this has nothing to do with Beirut, or Lebanon..but I found it while on the internet in Beirut, Lebanon,,so it counts right?

Anyhow,,it never ceases to amaze me babies ability to inspire awe and fascination..

What is it that brings about this reaction in us “adults?”

Their innocence?  Their ignorance of pain?  Their itty bitty hands and feet?  Yeah, thats probably it.

Whatever it is,,I love these photos..take a look.



Ohh the little boojie poop..que cute!

These images were found here.

And here is a description of the project..

Sweet dreams are made of this: Photographers Tracy Raver and Kelley Ryden capture the calm contentment of napping newborns in these adorable portraits. Based in Nebraska, the photographers specialize in getting images of babies around 2 weeks old. Raver says she’s able to get them in midslumber by keeping the studio warm and cozy, and having their moms feed them before the shoot. Raver and Ryden share their work in the book “Sleeping Beauties: Newborns in Dreamland.”

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Sometimes a photo IS worth a million words…

Photos of Lebanon in 2005, by graphic designer and photographer Mokhtar Joundi. 

They put mine to shame…

See his design work here, and more of his photography for the charity HumanTree here.

The everyday..

Pigeon Rock

Ruins at Baalbeck..

Downtown at night..

Just, wow..


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