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Shock and awe part 2!

Smoking in Lebanon

A cigarette pack from Egpyt

Remember my post a couple of months ago, about how the Lebanese health ministry isn’t doing enough to raise awareness about the harmful effects of first hand and second hand smoke?  Well, the post came to mind when I came across this pack of cigarettes that my friend from Egypt was smoking from.  Obviously, he didn’t heed the warning, but at least I can commend the awareness efforts of the Egyptian health ministry!

What do you think?  Do we need something like this in Lebanon, or is it too shocking?


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Ok, so maybe I’m part of the less than 1% of the population who doesn’t smoke here in Lebanon.  But jeeeeze, I wish that just for once I could go out with out smelling like an ashtray at the end of the night – is that so much to ask?

Apparently it is.

I was reading a couple of local blogs, and there was an anti-smoking initiative organized by the Rotaract club of Beirut called “Ain’t No Smoking Tonight” on October 28th of last year.  That’s right, only for ONE night.  Out of the 35 pubs in Gemmazyeh (a very popular area for bar hopping) that agreed to partake in the initiative, only a few actually stuck to it! Many of them just used the opportunity for free publicity, and allowed people to smoke anyway..

This picture sums up what the Lebanese thought of “Ain’t No Smoking Tonight”

Smoking in Beirut, Lebanon

What a mockery!

This is what local blogger and illustrator, Maya Zankoul, had to say about the night.  She designed the poster above..the images below were taken from her blog.

My new scent – Eau du Ashtray.

How attractive.


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