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I’m a rainbow too.

Beautiful panoramas of Lebanon

The sun is shining

Beautiful panoramas of Lebanon

the weather is sweet

Beautiful panoramas of Lebanon

make you want to move

Beautiful panoramas of Lebanon

your dancing feet.

(Click to enlarge the photos, they’re absolutely beautiful)

I can’t wait for summer to finally descend upon Lebanon..

It’s been wayyyy too long.

Until then, Bob will keep me warm..

Thanks for the photos MJ.


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Did you hear? Gold ALIENS are at the Beach!

Found this one in TimeOut Beirut..

Lebanese Gold Diggers

More like, "This year gold ALIENS are at the beach.." Nasty.

What’s more?  Their tagline, “Natural beauty products for body, hair, and skin care.”   Umm, someone went a little off brief..

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Byblos, Beiteddine, Baalbeck oh my!

Everyone and their mother is talking about the three upcoming summer music festivals..Byblos, Beiteddine, and Baalbeck..so I thought that I might as well jump on the bandwagon!

So far, from what I’ve been hearing, it seems that people are most excited about the following acts:

Pink Martini on July 3rd at the Beiteddine Festival

Beiteddine Festival 2010

Pink Martini photo credit: beiteddine.org

Mashrou’ Leila on July 9th at the Byblos International Festival

Byblos International Festival

Mashrou' Leila Photo Credit: byblosfestival.org


Gorillaz on July 20th at the Byblos International Festival..Umm why is Gorillaz on a random Tuesday BTW?!? That sucks..I really wanted to spend the night in Byblos..and not have to worry about work the next day!  Blah!

Byblos International Festival

Gorillaz Photo Credit: http://www.byblosfestival.org

And because none of these are taking place at the Baalbeck festival, and because I have yet to see Baalbeck, I might just go watch The Ballet Performance of Anna Karenina on July 24th..yes, it’s true..I might willingly go to the ballet! Just look at her..Pretty incredible!

Baalbeck International Festival 2010

Anna Karenina Photo Credit http://www.baalbeck.org.lb

oh, I almost forgot.. I absolutely adore Brazilian Bossa Nova, so I will be going to Caetano Veloso at the Byblos festival on July 14th..

Caetano Veloso

Cateano Veloso Photo Credit: http://www.byblosfestival.org

Which performances are you heading to, and most excited about? 😉


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Amethyste Lounge

I’ve been hearing so much about “Summer in Lebanon” since I landed here in December.


To kick off the season, Amethyste Lounge at the Phoenicia Hotel opened its doors last Thursday, and I was lucky enough to be able to attend the launch party. I was surprised, yet again, at the elegance and sophistication of Beirut night life.  Part oriental Lebanese, part Miami Beach pool lounge, Amethyste lounge promises to be the venue of choice for those wishing to celebrate the finer things in life.

Sky View of Amethyste Lebanon

Sky view of Amethyste Lounge at Phoenicia Hotel

The 12 hour soiree brought together hotel guests, media, and the Lebanese glitterati, who swayed their hips and hand-crafted cocktails to the beats of DJ Jose Padilla, of Cafe Del Mar fame.

Grant Collins Mixologist at Amethyste

World Renowned Mixologist Grant Collins

Amethyste Lounge at The Phoenicia Hotel

Jose Padilla of Cafe Del Mar

All of this while the night’s entertainment, like something out of a Cirque du  Soleil show, captured the attention of the revellers.  Men and women on stilts roamed through the crowds, mermaids and mermen flaunted their dexterity, and sensuous, diamond encrusted acrobats floated in transparent bubbles along the pool.

It was something out of a dream.

Amethyste Lounge Beirut Lebanon

Mermaids and Mermen!

Amethyste Lounge Beirut Lebanon

The Entertainment!

Amethyste Lounge Beirut Lebanon


As the night winded down, my friends and I relaxed on the swaying lounge beds and toasted to the fabulous Lebanese summer that lie ahead.


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Pierre and friends..

Went to Batroun for the first time this weekend..first to a friend’s chalet, and then to Pierre and Friends..

I love how people speak of their “chalets” like they are something truly out of this world..

“Ohh my chalet in the mountains..”

“Ohh my chalet in Batroun..”

People who don’t speak a word of French, some how know the word “chalet,” and exactly when to use it!..

The first time I heard the word “chalet“, the image of a very expensive open-aired bungalow, equipped with surround sound speakers, playing the latest tracks from Cafe del Mar, immediately came to mind..Not to say they don’t exist..but correct me if I’m wrong, the majority of  “chalets” (or herdsman hut in the Swiss Alps, according to dictionary.com) are just small apartments located somewhere other than where the owner lives.

So why not just say, “yeah I’m going to my place/apartment in Batroun for the weekend..”  I know, I know..I’m asking too much..


Pierre and Friends is exactly what I’ve been looking for..a relaxing “pub, restaurant, and sailing club” where you can enjoy a day of sun with your friends.  Free from the pretentiousness of places like Riviera Beach Lounge, Pierre and Friends is the perfect weekend escape…and get this, it’s free entry too!

I was sitting at the bar, sipping on an Almaza, staring out at the vast expanse of nothingness that is the Mediterranean Sea..when it occurred to me that I didn’t miss anything about Miami..not one single thing.

“Should I feel guilty for not missing anything about the place I called home up until five months ago?”

The answer quickly came to me: NOPE!

Pierre and Friends Batroun

Pierre and Friends...

I’ve never seen any beach quite like it..I’m not even sure if it qualifies as a beach, as there is no sand..only pebbles..well more like rocks actually..

Below is a photo that I took from the stairs above Pierre’s.

Pierre and Friends Batroun

Pierre and friends top view

Pierre and Friends Batroun

The bar

Pierre and Friends Batroun

Water sports at Pierre and Friends

Pierre and Friends Batroun

The Scene..

I haven’t had enough of you Pierre..make some time for me next weekend..

Kisses. XOXO.


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