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‘This is Beirut’ turns 1!

My baby, ‘This is Beirut,’ turned 1 today!


This blog is 1 year old!

And to celebrate, I have here reposted my first ever blog post:

For two months now, I have been living in a country whose name is synonymous with war, yet I myself, have never been more at peace.  A country where people speak three different languages (Arabic, French, and English) in one sentence, where family values still exist, and where eating is not something you do – it’s a way of life.  A country where there are six women for every one man, where little girls ride their bicycles past armed men without a flinch, and where making $1,200 a month is considered a decent living.  A country where you can drive from the beach to the mountains in the space of an hour, where mosques stand right next to churches, and where honking your horn is a national past time.

A country where people who come, never want to leave.

This. Is. Lebanon.

Again,  a big thank you to Lebanon and to the Lebanese people for being such fascinating subjects.  Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible!  Here’s to year 1 of many!!  Cheers! 😀


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