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Designers and Art Directors..

So, after three months in Lebanon I’ve come to the conclusion that there are only two industries in Lebanon:

1. IT/Web Design

2. Advertising

I don’t even have to ask people “what they do” anymore, I already know the answer:

“I’m a freelance Graphic Designer.”


“I’m an Art Director”

I can seriously count on one hand the people that I’ve met who work in other fields.

1. A professor of communication at AUB (but he teaches the advertisers and the graphic designers)

2.  A banker (but he was probably lying, I met him at the gym)

3.  A car importer (he was probably lying too, I also met him at the gym)

oh, and how can I forget

4. the self proclaimed entrepreneur (this just means unemployed)

Yep, that still leaves just two industries…

So, sorry to tell you, but if you aren’t in either of these two fields, and you live in Lebanon, there is no hope for you. Book your ticket to Dubai… NOW.

Good thing I work in one of them.

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How to NOT make friends at work in Beirut (or anywhere for that matter)

So, it is my fourth week of work in Beirut, and I’m adjusting to 1. working 2. working in an office 3. working in an office in Beirut!  So, please forgive me if I didn’t know that everyone is supposed to bring their own mugs!  No wonder I haven’t made any friends, I’ve been stealing their mugs for the past three weeks!

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Working in Beirut, Lebanon


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