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Team USA the underdog!

Gotta give it up to the boys of Team USA, for their efforts during this World Cup..For all of you Americans living abroad, who succumbed to the pressure of supporting one of the favorites (Italy, Germany, England, Brazil) SHAME ON YOU!

We might actually have a chance at this..  Shocking I know..!!  It seems my sentiment to the World Cup has changed since only a few weeks ago, when I thought the World Cup was nothing to get excited about..

What brought on this sudden change of sentiment?  It came as I was sitting at Grand Cafe in Downtown, sipping on an ice cold Alamaza, watching what looked to be Team USA’s final match in the World Cup..

When unexpectedly, Landon Donovan scored against Algeria in the 91st minute of the match, advancing Team USA to the second round of the World Cup..!

A sports blog out of Chicago, Illinois had this to say,

“What does Landon Donovan’s stoppage time winner against Algeria mean to this country?

We can’t fully understand the extent of its significance yet, but I think with one touch of the ball Donovan may have changed the face of soccer for this nation.”

I know what it means, American soccer Moms are going to be busier than ever before!

Landon Donovan World Cup

Donovan celebrates after goal during stoppage time against Algeria. photo credit: http://www.nydailynews.com

Go Team USA!


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ZWZ’s 2010 World Cup Ad campaign!

What do you think?

ZWZ 2010 World Cup Campaign

Are you with Germany?

ZWZ 2010 World Cup Campaign

Are you with Brazil?

ZWZ 2010 World Cup Campaign

Are you with Italy?

Don’t see your team?  Visit ZWZ’s facebook page here!


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What flag are YOU holding?

Someone asked me that today..

I was like, “What? What do you mean??..”

To which he replied, “Which team are you rooting for in the World Cup? You have to buy their flag!  Haven’t you seen people with flags on their cars and balconies?  If not, you will soon..Every store will be selling flags..its quite a site!”

Ummm..I don’t even know what teams are in the world cup, but that’s besides the point..right?  I think I may just follow every other Lebanese person and say I’m with Brazil..Brazil is always in the world cup right?

About that.. Where did the Lebanese obsession with all things BRAZILIAN come from anyway?

Well, I decided to do some research about the whole flag phenomenon..and found these photos, dating from 2006, courtesy of Ya Liban.

World Cup flags for sale!

World cup flag neutrality!

Brazil supporters in Downtown 2006

And this is my favorite!

Now that is just hilariouuuus!

So, what flag are YOU holding?


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